Have Hypocrisy, Won’t Travel

Ryanair are getting it in the neck for being even more useless than normal, and I have absolutely no problem with that, but…

Why is an airline expected to provide the service it promised to,  which its customers already paid for and made arrangements around, and to stop telling fibs in a desperate attempt to evade their obligations when certain Train Operating Companies (TOCs) can do whatever the hell they like and never even get a slap on the wrist? I mean, holidays are important but large numbers of people routinely unable to get to work on time, year in and year out, must cause a far greater impact on the economy than Ryanair being more useless than normal this year.

I guess what I am trying to ask is this:



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The headline you never thought you would ever have to read

You remember how we spent almost every breath from the rise to the fall of the Berlin Wall berating the Soviets for their restrictions on free movement? Well, weep in shame because this is currently the headline on the BBC News:

Yes. That is the UK talking about itself. Not Stalin talking about Ukraine. Not Mao talking about China. Not Hitler talking about pretty much everywhere. That is the UK talking about itself.

Take a moment. Stare at it. Notice how it looks like it fell in from another century, from another continent, from an aberrant parallel universe. Well, it didn’t. That is us. Right here. Right now.

It is the betrayal of everything that we are supposed to be. It is the betrayal of everything we ever pretended to believe in. It is a particularly vicious sort of hubris that ensures that when nemesis comes (and oh boy is it ever coming!) not one of our former friends will feel inclined to lift a finger to help us after what we have done to them. We are now the people we despised when we were children.

But don’t worry, Donald Trump still loves us. I’m sure that chlorinated chicken will soon be the very least of our worries.

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The National Rail System Is Insane

I have just returned from a short break in Liverpool. By booking through Megatrain, the train tickets from London cost £5 there and £3 back. Even using every (legitimate) option to reduce my fares, I can’t get to London and back from Guildford for the same money. The full standard fare too Liverpool is £69, although I don’t know how many people actually pay that. This is insane. (more…)

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Civilisation Ends At Zone 6

David Cameron unveils his Big Society today. Apparently one of the ideas is that local communities could take control of local bus services. Now I am all for the the Stout Yeomen of Guildford storming Arriva’s* bus garage with torches and pitchforks and declaring “Comrades. I commandeer this bus in the name of the oppressed commuters of Surrey. Henceforth it shall serve the railway station!” but somehow I doubt that is what Cameron has in mind.

Still it is refreshing to hear him acknowledge that some changes are needed on the buses. While wary of anything that any Tory says, I am prepared to give him a chance to come up with a workable proposal before heaping abuse on him. In the meantime, here is my little rant… (more…)

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Looking for a job

I finished at Jai Kudo a couple of days ago and am now looking for a job. Jai Kudo had moved from Archway to Elstree and the travel was killing me.

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