I’ve been watching YouTube and my Mum is now under the impression that the most frequently advertised product on the platform is something called “Fuck Off Grammarly”.

Oh, and the thing about fractional shares can piss off too.

May 19, 2020. Blatant shitposting, Media. 2 comments.

Paranoid Conspiracy Theory

It has been brought to my attention that the ducks are all impersonating eachother! Suddenly it all makes sense! Well, except for the bit about the ducks obviously. Quack!

May 1, 2019. Blatant shitposting. Leave a comment.

I wrote a poem about systemd

I wrote a poem. It is about systemd. It is no longer, and certainly no better, than systemd deserves.

Smells of pee.
Please can it be,
Thrown in the sea?


January 9, 2019. Awful poetry, Blatant shitposting, IT. Leave a comment.

Scandal as Inflation Hits 11.1%

My favourite Sainsbury’s 9p noodles (chicken flavour) have gone up to 10p. That is a whopping 11.1%.

It is a scandal and I want an official statement from Mervyn King now!

June 11, 2010. Blatant shitposting, Food, Money. 2 comments.