A River in Egypt

If you look in the Nile today you might find a moses basket bobbing gently along, unheeded by the wider and wiser populace. Don’t worry. It isn’t an abandoned baby in danger of being eaten by crocodiles. It is today’s newspaper reviews courtesy of the BBC.** Given that this is the British press, you won’t be surprised to hear that there is bullshit among the bullrushes. Any croc foolish enough to take a bite out of this crock would not enjoy the taste. Most of the papers feature Theresa May looking even more ashen faced and Palpatine like than normal but lets see who is really in denial…


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I always said that this election was a stupid idea.

No shit, Sherlock! What do you want for that pearl of wisdom, a bloody biscuit?

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I’ve not had breakfast. Let me get a biscuit. BRB.

[Returns from biscuit tin empty handed]

It transpires that I am unable to decide which sort of biscuit I want. Some were too hard and some were too soft. Others were decidedly flaky. Then I lost confidence that I ever wanted a biscuit in the first place. Also the tin is showing signs of weakness and instability.

FFS! Is that some sort of stupid metaphor?

It might be. What was the question again?

Just say something vaguely coherent about the election and go back to bed.

OK. The United Kingdom has looked into the abyss and it has spoken with one voice. It has said “Ummm”.

There is going to be another stupid election now, isn’t there?

Why are you asking me? Just go back to bed.

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Spurious new ailments for hypochondriacs

Yes. This blog is giving medical advice now*. And if you follow it you really will need to see a doctor!


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I’m Coining Neologisms…

…because I don’t have any better ideas.

First up let me say that I am fully aware that you can’t copyright individual words and that you can’t register a trade mark on a name unless you use it for trade but nonetheless the following blatantly shoddy neologisms are mine and it will cost you €100 if you want to use them. Bwahahahah. (This is my grand plan to get some hard currency to replenish my pension fund after this week’s losses so pay up!)


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Poll: Vote in my exciting, and not at all rigged, plebicite

The right-wing press is enjoying trying to turn the EU referendum into a show of their ability to manipulate their readerships into squawking back the inane propaganda they are being fed.


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Still Too Lazy To Blog

Blogging is largely pointless. I even forgot how to log in. Hold on. What was I talking about?

(Actually, I am just doing this to show a colleague what WordPress looks like. He looks very impressed as I type this.)

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Quiz: chmod

I know I haven’t posted much since I got the new job. I’ve been busy. Anyway here is a quick question for you:

Can anybody think of a (non-medical) reason to ever type “chmod 600 /dev/null“?

What next? Restricting /dev/zero so no bastard can steal all the zeros?

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Scandal as Inflation Hits 11.1%

My favourite Sainsbury’s 9p noodles (chicken flavour) have gone up to 10p. That is a whopping 11.1%.

It is a scandal and I want an official statement from Mervyn King now!

June 11, 2010. Money, Silly. 2 comments.

Oh noes. I has a Facebook!

Remember only a few days ago how I was saying how I was avoiding Facebook and running down its denizens? Well now I am one.

Some University friends persuaded me to join and I am sort of glad I did because now I can see exactly how identities get stolen. (more…)

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Zut alors! Les Français sont confondus

I just found a Facebook group, in French, with my name on it. Of course, it isn’t about me. Rigal is a fairly common name in France and it seems to be about a teacher or professor called Daniel Rigal. I think it is just his students messing about. I translated the page with Google Translate but it made less than no sense.

Despite not being about me, it has a link to my homepage on it! Goodness knows why. Clearly the French are very confused. Mind you, so are most of the denizens of Facebook. That’s why I normally avoid it. (more…)

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