Game Over?

You know what we need now? A massive extra shock to the system. I mean. Brexit? Meh! We can do far worse than that, can’t we? What’s this I see skulking unnoticed in the news.


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Hard Boiled Brexit

Up until now there have been two dominant assumptions:

  • Fools: Brexit won’t happen.
  • Everybody else: Brexit will happen but the Tories love their money too much not to go for the least damaging Brexit option.

Well, weren’t we all wrong about that?


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The Rule of Law

Something very bad is going on in both the UK and the USA. It is something that cuts off the legitimacy of the state at the knees. It is the first step on the road to Hell and it is this:

Some people are openly agitating that certain bodies of the state should be effectively above the law and immune to prosecution. In the USA it is the police. In the UK it is the army. In other countries the police, military, royalty and even politicians and civil servants already have a substantial degree of official or unofficial immunity.

I shouldn’t have to explain why this is wrong but I will.


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Waiting for the other boot to drop

Some people are telling me that I was wrong about Brexit. Apparently everything is fine. The stockmarket  is up (if measured in Pounds), house prices are not falling (much, if measured in pounds) and the weather is nice. Nigel Farrage has sloped off to bother the Americans for a change. All is good. Right?


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I have added a new links section for Video content on the right hand side. It basically consists of the YouTube channels I watch when there is nothing good on TV.

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Stop Saying “Uncertainty”, You Bellends!

“Blah blah uncertainty blah. Uncertainty blah blah. Blah blah uncertainty bibble.”
– Pretty much all of the bellends, pretty much all of the time.

Just shut up all of you! Please stop saying “uncertainty” as if it explains the current UK financial and political crisis.


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An Open Letter to the People of Scotland

Note: Updated 2/7/2016. See end of article.

People of Scotland,

You need to save yourselves. The UK, in any meaningful sense, is over. It seems that you believed in it more than we did.

You voted in all our best interests and we did not vote in anybody’s. You saw through the lies and we swallowed them whole. You stood by us, even those of you who wanted independence, and we did not stand by you, or by any of our other friends for that matter. You have a right to be disgusted with us. You have an obligation to yourselves and to eachother to look to your own future now.


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I Don’t Want To Talk About It (But That Doesn’t Mean That I am Going To Shut Up Either)

If one so much as mentions the fact[1]  that Britain would be worse off if it was to leave the European Union you get called a “scaremonger”. Of course, that is just a way to stop the discussion before it starts. In fact, the whole thing has an air of denialism about it; a feint whiff of “La-la-la. I’m not listening!”. It is almost like the euroseptics know the facts[1] are not on their side.


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Monday was a good day. Not only did my Mum finally find a new house, after being gazumped on another one. Not only did Cher not die. Not only did the internet melt in confusion about Cher not dying. Not only did the sun shine for a bit before the weather went back to being crap. The greatest improvement in UK air quality since the 1956 Clean Air Act occurred; Margaret Thatcher stopped breathing.

Now I am aware that I am late with my comments and all the Ding Donging and Rejoicing has already been done. I apologise for this. The house purchase took priority. I guess this is called growing up. Despite being late, I do have a few things to say. (more…)

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The National Rail System Is Insane

I have just returned from a short break in Liverpool. By booking through Megatrain, the train tickets from London cost £5 there and £3 back. Even using every (legitimate) option to reduce my fares, I can’t get to London and back from Guildford for the same money. The full standard fare too Liverpool is £69, although I don’t know how many people actually pay that. This is insane. (more…)

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