Is money going out of fashion?

I believe that I have mentioned before that I am not an economist.

So lets talk a bit about “austerity” and so on…


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Hard Boiled Brexit

Up until now there have been two dominant assumptions:

  • Fools: Brexit won’t happen.
  • Everybody else: Brexit will happen but the Tories love their money too much not to go for the least damaging Brexit option.

Well, weren’t we all wrong about that?


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OK. I didn’t predict that one…

BBC is reporting:

“Sources within Morgan Stanley say it has already begun the process of moving about 2,000 of its London-based investment banking staff to Dublin or Frankfurt. And it has a taskforce in place.”

I know I predicted exodus of financial companies but not on the actual day after the referendum. I mean, I would expect at least a weekend for quiet contemplation (i.e. total panic).


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An Open Letter to the People of Scotland

Note: Updated 2/7/2016. See end of article.

People of Scotland,

You need to save yourselves. The UK, in any meaningful sense, is over. It seems that you believed in it more than we did.

You voted in all our best interests and we did not vote in anybody’s. You saw through the lies and we swallowed them whole. You stood by us, even those of you who wanted independence, and we did not stand by you, or by any of our other friends for that matter. You have a right to be disgusted with us. You have an obligation to yourselves and to eachother to look to your own future now.


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Poll: Vote in my exciting, and not at all rigged, plebicite

The right-wing press is enjoying trying to turn the EU referendum into a show of their ability to manipulate their readerships into squawking back the inane propaganda they are being fed.


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I Don’t Want To Talk About It (But That Doesn’t Mean That I am Going To Shut Up Either)

If one so much as mentions the fact[1]  that Britain would be worse off if it was to leave the European Union you get called a “scaremonger”. Of course, that is just a way to stop the discussion before it starts. In fact, the whole thing has an air of denialism about it; a feint whiff of “La-la-la. I’m not listening!”. It is almost like the euroseptics know the facts[1] are not on their side.


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Amateur Quantitative Easing

When the Bank of England decides to expand the money supply this upsets some economists but at least everybody accepts that it is legal for them to do so, with the government’s permission.

Further down the food chain, there seems to be rather a lot of amateur quantitative easing going on in Guildford at the moment. These would be pirate Mervyn Kings’ method is simple. They augment the money supply with pound coins of their own devising. This would be all well and good except for two minor problems: (more…)

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Scandal as Inflation Hits 11.1%

My favourite Sainsbury’s 9p noodles (chicken flavour) have gone up to 10p. That is a whopping 11.1%.

It is a scandal and I want an official statement from Mervyn King now!

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Cheapskate Tip #3

Chocolate (more…)

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Cheapskate Tip #2

Cornflakes (more…)

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