What Is The Plan For The US Border?

I really hope that I am wrong about this, but I think I know what the plan is on the US southern border. When I look at what is happening, I don’t see a lack of funding. I don’t see isolated incidents. I don’t see negligence or incompetence. I see something far, far worse.

Content Warning: I’m putting this all below the fold as it is fucking grim.



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Dead Towns

When money is tight it seems that the first thought is not to cut back on expensive luxuries but to protect luxuries at the expense of essential things. Hence, I was dismayed but not completely surprised to read that English bus travel is up for the chop again.

This is how small to medium sized towns die!


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Businesses with Opinions

People get a bit worked up about AI. Computers having ideas seems dangerous. (Or adorably stupid if you read AI Weirdness.) We miss the point that the really dangerous non-human entities we don’t want expressing too many opinions are businesses.

Now, of course, the board of directors of any business is required to form opinions as to what is best for the business. Indeed, they cannot direct the business without doing so and they cannot report to the shareholders without making those opinions public. I’m not objecting to that. What they should not be doing is giving vent to the personal opinions of their individual board members on topics unconnected to the company.

What’s this actually about then?


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What Price Science? (£15, apparently)

Brexit is not single anomalous monstrosity existing without context or precedent. Brexit is just the worst example of a long-standing problem with the British character. It is a perfect example of the impulse that not only says “Sod other people”, it also says “Sod my own future! Just give me what I happen to desire, right now!”

There is no greater example of this deep-running cultural flaw than the never-ending attempts to monetise education and learning: “Never mind that we need to educate the next generation if the nation is to have a future, let’s just turn it into a cash cow now and sell shares in it!”


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Presidents eh? (Or Would Abolishing The Monarchy Help?)

Yeah. Nothing controversial here…


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The End of Austerity

Woohoo! We’re rich. We can afford 50p.


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Hypocrisy II – Financial Edition

Let me see if I have got this right?

  • If the US stock markets go up on any given day this is because Donald Trump is some sort of an economic genius and is Making America Great Again by giving tax cuts to millionaires paid for out of goodness knows what?
  • If the US stock markets go down on any given day this is because the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA is somehow “out of control” by correctly fulfilling its remit to maintain control of the fiscal situation by setting appropriate interest rates?

Now I may just be a lowly Keynesian dipshit, with a mediocre ‘O’ level in Social Economics and absolutely no grasp of the genius it takes to set up a catastrophic boom and bust cycle in the world economy, never mind the logic of why anybody would want to do that in the first place, but even I can see that these two ideas don’t easily coexist.

So, Donald, do you want to own this or not? Make up your mind. Whose boat is this boat? You need to decide before the ship sinks.


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Interim Brexit Scorecard

I have been threatening this article for a while now so lets do the Brexit Scorecard.

Brexit snorecard more like!

Not helping…

OK. But how are you going to do this? We still don’t know what Brexit even is or when it is going to happen.


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Is Tate Membership Good Value for Money?

Here is something I was thinking about writing for a while.

Oh, dear god, no! It’s not the “Brexit Scorecard” piece you threatened us with, is it? Not at Christmas! Have you no pity? We’re trying to drink here!

No. It is not. I will do that one, but not right now. So let us repair to the Tate Members bar and…

Oh, dear god no! Have you seen how much they charge for a glass of…

Alright, lets sit on the swings then?

Oh, dear god no! I’ll throw up.

Enough already! Just forget about the booze for a moment. I have not posted anything in the Art category for ages. Lets talk about art.


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My Evil Empire of Counterfeit Cabbage

counterfeit cabbage

“Did somebody say stupid?”

I discover that I have the top Google ranking for the term “Counterfeit Cabbages“.

That’s stupid.


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