Router Unit for the Modulink Serial Fieldbus System

This was my MSc dissertation:

Router Unit for the Modulink Serial Fieldbus System [PDF format, 225Kb]


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IT Security: Why Do We Bother?

IT Security is hard work. You need to be careful, diligent and just a little paranoid. Then along comes something that makes you wonder why you bother.


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How to enable XDM and VNC for Linux and Solaris

Originally written in 2003 this may be a little bit out of date but the principles are still sound. It explains how to set up a Unix or Linux server to provide multiple simultaneous remote desktops in the style of Windows Terminal Services. The clever bit is that is uses VNC to serve the desktops, which is a compressed protocol instead of the Unix standard XDMCP and has simple client programs for Windows. (more…)

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Sham Bam Kazam!

Why is it that apparently sensible people, who sneer at horoscopes, tarot cards and general new age claptrap are prepared to tolerate the most idle and spurious form of divination known to man, the British weather forecast?


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I Wanna Be Elected!

Here is an old one I originally posted to newsgroup back on 10th Dec 2000.

[The US presidential election] is a shambles, but lets not forget that we also live in a country where getting the most votes does not guarantee you get the most representation.

Just for fun lets work out how few votes it would take to win a UK [general] election in the most extreme circumstances:


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Dummies – An Incoherent Rant

I was in PC World. Bad call? Well, maybe. I was looking for some books on Unix systems administration and I was getting paid for it, so maybe that redeems me. Anyway, I was in PC World and I was looking at the books…

About half the books fell into the “for Dummies” or “Idiots Guide To” series.


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Why You Should Do Jury Service

In the UK, and many other democratic countries, the justice system hinges of the concept of trail by jury. It is not immediately obvious what this has to do with democracy. The answer is that trial by jury is the mechanism whereby the people are accountable to each other rather than to a government appointed judge. The jury provide a safeguard against the possibility of arbitrary or self-serving imprisonment being imposed by the judiciary.


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