Conspiracy Theory (Half Serious)

I have been finding it harder and harder to make sense of what is going on.

In theory we all have to wear face masks, socially distance and follow other regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but the level of compliance is dismal in and around London. Go on any train. 40% of people have masks over their mouths but not their noses. 30% have no mask at all (or it is nowhere near their faces). Only about 30% are wearing them properly. Nobody is enforcing anything much. Despite high theoretical fines, and a few shops being forced to close, nobody else faces any real consequences for flouting the rules.


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What Price Science? (£0, apparently)

In my last rant I got upset about short-sighted imbeciles putting financial barriers in front of access to the institutions that are needed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Fortunately it is not all bad news and I’d like to plug some great institutions who are doing it right.


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What Price Science? (£15, apparently)

Brexit is not single anomalous monstrosity existing without context or precedent. Brexit is just the worst example of a long-standing problem with the British character. It is a perfect example of the impulse that not only says “Sod other people”, it also says “Sod my own future! Just give me what I happen to desire, right now!”

There is no greater example of this deep-running cultural flaw than the never-ending attempts to monetise education and learning: “Never mind that we need to educate the next generation if the nation is to have a future, let’s just turn it into a cash cow now and sell shares in it!”


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Weird Day Out in London

Do you ever feel that there is not enough weird stuff going on?

With Trump and Brexit, not so much.

That was a rhetorical question.

Well, if you are in London and you want to see some top grade weird stuff then I can strongly recommend that you get the tube to Holborn.


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