Stupid Wolf Festival

In the previous article on calendar reform, I referred to Lupercalia as a “stupid wolf festival” based on a cursory reading of its Wikipedia article. I didn’t twig quite how exceptionally bizarre the whole thing was. Fortunately, I found a short video that explains it nicely and it is too perfectly mental for me not to share it here.



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My Evil Empire of Counterfeit Cabbage

counterfeit cabbage

“Did somebody say stupid?”

I discover that I have the top Google ranking for the term “Counterfeit Cabbages“.

That’s stupid.


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I have added a new links section for Video content on the right hand side. It basically consists of the YouTube channels I watch when there is nothing good on TV.

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Amateur Quantitative Easing

When the Bank of England decides to expand the money supply this upsets some economists but at least everybody accepts that it is legal for them to do so, with the government’s permission.

Further down the food chain, there seems to be rather a lot of amateur quantitative easing going on in Guildford at the moment. These would be pirate Mervyn Kings’ method is simple. They augment the money supply with pound coins of their own devising. This would be all well and good except for two minor problems: (more…)

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Hogarth Lives

Today, while shopping, I saw this:

Sainsbury's Basics Gin

And I thought of this:

(Click image for details)

So lets raise a glass to William Hogarth and hope it isn’t full of cheap gin.

(Note: Hogarth image copyright expired. Sainsbury’s image is copyright Sainsbury’s and is used here in a low resolution version for purposes of legitimate commentary and criticism)

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Office Web Apps vs Google Docs

Microsoft is making its Office Web Apps available free to personal users as part of its SkyDrive (a name slightly redolent of Skynet) cloud service. This is meant to complement the full MS Office suite but I am more interested in seeing how good a job it does as a stand-alone package, like Google Docs or even OpenOffice. After all, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to run genuine MS Office from Linux for free? OK. Don’t answer that. Lets just give it a try and see how it faces up to Google Docs.


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Thinking Clearly About Political Terminology

We are all used to vague political terms like “left wing”, “right wing” and “liberal”, often used as prefixes for the more general term “bastard”, but what do they really mean? (more…)

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Zut alors! Les Français sont confondus

I just found a Facebook group, in French, with my name on it. Of course, it isn’t about me. Rigal is a fairly common name in France and it seems to be about a teacher or professor called Daniel Rigal. I think it is just his students messing about. I translated the page with Google Translate but it made less than no sense.

Despite not being about me, it has a link to my homepage on it! Goodness knows why. Clearly the French are very confused. Mind you, so are most of the denizens of Facebook. That’s why I normally avoid it. (more…)

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A Vote for Democracy?

Unlock Democracy (the people who used to be Charter 88) have a very interesting and quite detailed analysis of all the main political parties’ (plus a few others’) lines on democracy, civil liberties and human rights.

It is well worth a read, particularly if you believe that you can avoid overbearing government by voting Tory.

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Cheapskate Tip #2

Cornflakes (more…)

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