Classical Music Tips

Lately I have been downloading copyright expired classical and early music to listen to while I work. My main sources are and Liber Liber. I have found it helpful to set myself some parameters on my downloads:

  • Nothing operatic or choral. I don’t like it and it wrecks my concentration.
  • No Wagner.
  • Be careful with the stuff transferred from 78rpm gramophone records on Some of it has been cleaned up OK but a lot of it is just too scratchy and a regular 78bpm noise gets distracting fast.
  • No Wagner.
  • Nothing recorded in Nazi Germany!
  • Seriously, fuck Wagner.

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Trying to be cheerful

My New Years message wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs so I’ll plug a few wholesome things that actually make me happy.


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YouTube Recommendations

I know I have been slagging off YouTube lately for its failure to protect people from bullying by its very worst denizens. Despite this, YouTube is a platform with an importance that transcends the utterly shitty way in which the platform is operated. YouTube is where you have to go to get the good videos from the good people.*


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What Price Science? (£0, apparently)

In my last rant I got upset about short-sighted imbeciles putting financial barriers in front of access to the institutions that are needed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Fortunately it is not all bad news and I’d like to plug some great institutions who are doing it right.


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Western Art History

I was pleased to see that defunct website The Toast, which had vanished offline for quite a while, is back. There is no new content but nonetheless this represents an excellent opportunity to (re)read their entire Western Art History section. It is superb. In fact, it changed the way I see a certain sort of art. Whenever I see some historical artwork with little other interest to it I am now compelled to imagine an inappropriate narrative, dialogue or context for it. Unfortunately mine are not very good. These are:

See also:

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Weird Day Out in London

Do you ever feel that there is not enough weird stuff going on?

With Trump and Brexit, not so much.

That was a rhetorical question.

Well, if you are in London and you want to see some top grade weird stuff then I can strongly recommend that you get the tube to Holborn.


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Too Hot

Ugh! It is 31°C in here and I can’t be bothered to slag off Brexit again.

People say it is like 1976 but I remember 1976; All the crayons melted into one big blob of wax¹ at my primary school. The government melted too, but the comparison does not feel right. Jim Callaghan was a decent person who did his best in an impossible situation where the rules had been rewritten so that he simply wasn’t allowed to win. Theresa May may feel that she too is “in an impossible situation where the rules have been rewritten so that she simply isn’t allowed to win” although that would suggest a greater level of self-awareness than she has shown previously. Besides, the comparison breaks down at “decent person”. It is the difference between trying to do the right thing for the country in the face of impossible odds and just trying to paper over the cracks and hang on for another few weeks in the face of impossible odds.

Anyway, I can’t be bothered to slag off Brexit today so I suggest you all go and read Marina Hyde in the Guardian instead. She always knows what is going on.

¹ – Fun fact: That blob of melted wax is now Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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Stupid Wolf Festival

In the previous article on calendar reform, I referred to Lupercalia as a “stupid wolf festival” based on a cursory reading of its Wikipedia article. I didn’t twig quite how exceptionally bizarre the whole thing was. Fortunately, I found a short video that explains it nicely and it is too perfectly mental for me not to share it here.


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My Evil Empire of Counterfeit Cabbage

counterfeit cabbage

“Did somebody say stupid?”

I discover that I have the top Google ranking for the term “Counterfeit Cabbages“.

That’s stupid.


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I have added a new links section for Video content on the right hand side. It basically consists of the YouTube channels I watch when there is nothing good on TV.

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