Virtualisation And A Trip To The Zoo

In this article I will continue my playing with VMWare by trying out various miscellaneous operating systems. I won’t bore you with versions of Unix or Linux. I want genuine exotic species of kernel for my zoo, although I am not going to be digging into the kernel behaviour for now.

You will find no Windows, Linux, BSD Unix or SysV Unix here, and it isn’t all Posix based either. You may be surprised by what is out there for free download…



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Virtualisation And A Peek In The Dustbin

In the last virtualisation article you may have noticed that I was too lazy to install my own OSes and just downloaded images. Well, that offered enough challenges so lets see how I got on with various old OS versions which I still have spare media and licences for. These all had to be installed from scratch.


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The Evolution of Minesweeper

I’ll post a tale of my woes in getting various old versions of DOS and Windows running in VMWare Player at some point in the future. In the meantime check this out: (more…)

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Virtualisation And A Peek Over The Fence At Unix

I am very much a Linux guy although I used to do a lot of Solaris and even a bit of SCO Opensewer for my sins. Not having looked at anything Unix for a while I thought I should take a look and see what is going on in the world of Unix OSes, rather than just following SCO’s stupid Unix related lawsuits. This would also give me a chance to play with virtualisation a bit, which has to be fun.


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