My Evil Empire of Counterfeit Cabbage

counterfeit cabbage

“Did somebody say stupid?”

I discover that I have the top Google ranking for the term “Counterfeit Cabbages“.

That’s stupid.



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Correct Horse Battery Staple

BBC reports: Password guru regrets past advice.

“For example, the more often you ask someone to change their password, the weaker the passwords they typically choose.”

And I have only been screaming this for the last 20 years! Nice to see that these shibboleths are finally getting re-evaluated.


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MacOS Terminal Server?

I must admit that I had never seriously used a Macintosh until the nice new iMac turned up in our office with its big, shiny, wipe clean screen (for when the Apple fanboys lick it). (more…)

August 28, 2011. IT. 2 comments.

Quiz: chmod

I know I haven’t posted much since I got the new job. I’ve been busy. Anyway here is a quick question for you:

Can anybody think of a (non-medical) reason to ever type “chmod 600 /dev/null“?

What next? Restricting /dev/zero so no bastard can steal all the zeros?

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I am Web Monkey

I have now taken over responsibility for all my Dad’s websites. After a frantic period of getting access to his various logins and accounts I have finally got everything consolidated onto one server. I still need to clean up some of his other old hosting, so that Googlers only find the latest versions, and hunt down the last few dead links, but it is going OK. It is all very Web 1.0, which is just how I like it.


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Office Web Apps vs Google Docs

Microsoft is making its Office Web Apps available free to personal users as part of its SkyDrive (a name slightly redolent of Skynet) cloud service. This is meant to complement the full MS Office suite but I am more interested in seeing how good a job it does as a stand-alone package, like Google Docs or even OpenOffice. After all, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to run genuine MS Office from Linux for free? OK. Don’t answer that. Lets just give it a try and see how it faces up to Google Docs.


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Social Networks and Land Grabs

I just got talked into registering a Gmail account by some friends (a different bunch to the ones on Facebook). That’s not so bad. I had been meaning to investigate Google Docs anyway. The problem is that they want to use Google Buzz for chat and microblogging and all that modern nonsense. Oh noes! Its like Facebook all over again!


June 9, 2010. IT, Media, Sensible. 1 comment.

Oh noes. I has a Facebook!

Remember only a few days ago how I was saying how I was avoiding Facebook and running down its denizens? Well now I am one.

Some University friends persuaded me to join and I am sort of glad I did because now I can see exactly how identities get stolen. (more…)

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Do I Really Need A Leased Line?

This article is aimed at anybody who is considering a leased line for their company ‘s internet access but is not sure if they can justify the cost. It sets out what I think is the next best set up to a leased line and looks at where it does, and does not, measure up. This article is written from a UK perspective but the principle is valid anywhere.


May 5, 2010. IT, Sensible. 1 comment.

Server Room Consolidation Pictures

Shortly before I left Jai Kudo they moved office from Hill House in London to Centennial Park in Elstree. The new building had no network infrastructure at all. This forced a shift from reusing existing chunks infrastructure left by previous companies to installing a coherent network of their own. I was heavily involved in specifying that network and building the new server room. Here are some before and after pictures.


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