1970s Nostalgia

The 1970s were great. We had a declining economy, random power cuts and everybody looked like they had got dressed in the dark. This was only partly explained by the power cuts causing them to actually get dressed in the dark. Yeah. The ’70s were great!

[FX: Rotary dial telephone rings.]

“OK. Thanks. Bye.”

[FX: Brrrrrr. Click.]

Apparently all that stuff happened today.

If anybody sees the Bay City Rollers, call for help and start erecting barricades.


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Forgetrance, or Why I Don’t Feel That Poppies Help Us To Remember

This might be a long and unpopular one but here goes anyway.

Actually, before I start, let me be very clear that I am not saying that there is anything wrong with wearing a poppy and this is certainly not anything against the Legion. Different people wearing poppies will have different thoughts as to what they mean and not all of them will align with what I am complaining about here. The Legion exists to look after people who need help, which is not something I would want to discourage given the way our country often fails to support people who have served it.

OK. Deep breath. Here goes.


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