Is This… Nostalgia?

So, I checked my Wikipedia watchlist, to make sure that nobody was dicking around with any of the articles that I watch, and saw that somebody had (legitimately) edited the article on the 2013 horse meat scandal and I was hit by a wave of… what? Nostalgia?


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Recipe: Cursed Bolognese

What the hell is “cursed bolognese”?

Spaghetti Bolognese made with a cursed onion, obviously.

What the hell is a… No. No! No! No! I’m not going to rise to it! You can handle this one on your own. I’m out!

Cook your own dinner then…


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Bread and Circuses

Great news comrades!


Just go with it.


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Recipe: Tomato Ketchup

Yes, we are doing recipes now.




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A friend writes:

Just tried to order a pizza online. Checked out and clicked the payment button only to get a “page not found” page!

Such reports are impossible to investigate unless the user supplies the official HTTP (Heating, Topping, Tracking Pizza) error code. For future reference the codes are as follows:


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Guest Post: Brexit means Breakfast

counterfeit cabbage

“What’s for dinner? Can I smell boiled cabbages?”

Just not a very nice one…

Pour yourself a big glass of Filthy Green Muck™ from the pound shop knock off “Nutribullet” and our semi-regular guest author will explain.


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Hogarth Lives

Today, while shopping, I saw this:

Sainsbury’s Basics Gin

And I thought of this:

(Click image for details)

So lets raise a glass to William Hogarth and hope it isn’t full of cheap gin.

(Note: Hogarth image copyright expired. Sainsbury’s image is copyright Sainsbury’s and is used here for purposes of legitimate commentary and criticism)

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Scandal as Inflation Hits 11.1%

My favourite Sainsbury’s 9p noodles (chicken flavour) have gone up to 10p. That is a whopping 11.1%.

It is a scandal and I want an official statement from Mervyn King now!

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Cheapskate Tip #3



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Cheapskate Tip #2



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