Harry Potter and the Gobshite of Ire

Well, Pride month is not exactly a barrel of laughs this year, is it? Everything fun is cancelled and then there is… ugh… this…

I feel for all the Harry Potter fans. If it is any help, I share your bewilderment that somebody who wrote characters who argued so well for inclusion and against prejudice could fall headlong into one of the most dangerous targeted hate movements currently around. There had been clues for quite a while that this was coming but I’m sure that many fans had no idea about this until very recently and many others were just hoping against hope that it wasn’t what it seemed to be.


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Massive Toad Confusion

Owing to a certain amount of reticence on the part of the UK broadcast media, I was made aware that Stormy Daniels has written a book in which she compares Donald Trump to a character called “Toad” but given little further context. Further investigation revealed that the Toad in question is not the one I had expected.


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Sign o’ the (End) Times

Saw passenger get off Jubilee Line train at Canada Water. Was reading paperback copy of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Continued to read it on escalator. Did not fall off the end. Grrr.

Dig bunker now!

(OK. That’s the wrong book, but you get the idea.)

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“Patriotism”? Seriously?

BBC report: Brexit: Andrea Leadsom says broadcasters need to be patriotic

Seriously? This woman is an MP? Somebody who once aspired to lead her party?

I think it would be unpatriotic not to denounce her as an imbecile.


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Dummies – An Incoherent Rant

I was in PC World. Bad call? Well, maybe. I was looking for some books on Unix systems administration and I was getting paid for it, so maybe that redeems me. Anyway, I was in PC World and I was looking at the books…

About half the books fell into the “for Dummies” or “Idiots Guide To” series.


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