Happy? New? Something?

Last year I wished you all a happy new year in a very downbeat message but I underestimated how bad it would be by several metric fucktonnes. What an utterly godawful year it has been!


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A proper blog post, of sorts

I’ve finished revamping the links on the right of the page into a set of recommendation articles by topic. I just need to blog something to push the list articles down the page content a bit.

As I was sorting the links into categories I found myself looking at Vi Hart’s channel for the first time in a while. (They don’t make many videos, but when they do…!) I was reminded of this truly wonderful project which they made with Henry Segerman, in which music, maths and visual art are combined in a genuinely satisfying way.

Additional material:

So it is nice to know that YouTube isn’t entirely consumed by people screaming about politics…

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Western Art History

I was pleased to see that defunct website The Toast, which had vanished offline for quite a while, is back. There is no new content but nonetheless this represents an excellent opportunity to (re)read their entire Western Art History section. It is superb. In fact, it changed the way I see a certain sort of art. Whenever I see some historical artwork with little other interest to it I am now compelled to imagine an inappropriate narrative, dialogue or context for it. Unfortunately mine are not very good. These are:

See also:

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Weird Day Out in London

Do you ever feel that there is not enough weird stuff going on?

With Trump and Brexit, not so much.

That was a rhetorical question.

Well, if you are in London and you want to see some top grade weird stuff then I can strongly recommend that you get the tube to Holborn.


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Is Tate Membership Good Value for Money?

Here is something I was thinking about writing for a while.

Oh, dear god, no! It’s not the “Brexit Scorecard” piece you threatened us with, is it? Not at Christmas! Have you no pity? We’re trying to drink here!

No. It is not. I will do that one, but not right now. So let us repair to the Tate Members bar and…

Oh, dear god no! Have you seen how much they charge for a glass of…

Alright, lets sit on the swings then?

Oh, dear god no! I’ll throw up.

Enough already! Just forget about the booze for a moment. I have not posted anything in the Art category for ages. Lets talk about art.


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President Ubu

Have just realised who Trump reminds me of…

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Hogarth Lives

Today, while shopping, I saw this:

Sainsbury’s Basics Gin

And I thought of this:

(Click image for details)

So lets raise a glass to William Hogarth and hope it isn’t full of cheap gin.

(Note: Hogarth image copyright expired. Sainsbury’s image is copyright Sainsbury’s and is used here for purposes of legitimate commentary and criticism)

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