Share The Inanity

In keeping with the Web 2.0 social networking principle to consolidate all your daily inanity into one easy lobotomy, I have now linked my main site to Facebook. (more…)


June 29, 2010. Administrivia, Daniel. Leave a comment.

Contact Form Problems

Messages sent through the contact form on the old site seem to have been lost. If you have sent a message using the old contact forms please resend it using the new forms. (more…)

April 6, 2010. Administrivia, Daniel, Sensible. Leave a comment.

Hello everybody!

You may remember how I said that Blogs are for losers and how I would keep on writing my HTML by hand and stuff like that? Well didn’t that turn out to be a load of old tosh? A bit like when I said I was sticking with dial-up.

So here we are, Web 2.0 style. I have had the mandatory lobotomy so lets start blogging. (more…)

November 16, 2008. Administrivia, Daniel, Silly. 1 comment.