A proper blog post, of sorts

I’ve finished revamping the links on the right of the page into a set of recommendation articles by topic. I just need to blog something to push the list articles down the page content a bit.

As I was sorting the links into categories I found myself looking at Vi Hart’s channel for the first time in a while. (They don’t make many videos, but when they do…!) I was reminded of this truly wonderful project which they made with Henry Segerman, in which music, maths and visual art are combined in a genuinely satisfying way.

Additional material:

So it is nice to know that YouTube isn’t entirely consumed by people screaming about politics…

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YouTube Recommendations

I know I have been slagging off YouTube lately for its failure to protect people from bullying by its very worst denizens. Despite this, YouTube is a platform with an importance that transcends the utterly shitty way in which the platform is operated. YouTube is where you have to go to get the good videos from the good people.*


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Share The Inanity II

Eight and a half years ago, I linked this fine blog to Facebook and Google Buzz. Both links stopped working soon after and I couldn’t be bothered to fix them. Google Buzz didn’t last long anyway. Facebook is apparently still going though.

Now I haz an Twitter (@DanielRigal1, if anybody is interested), I guess it is time to try this again. The blog is allegedly linked to Twitter now. This should mean that each post gets Tweeted but that nothing on Twitter should affect the blog.


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Share The Inanity

In keeping with the Web 2.0 social networking principle to consolidate all your daily inanity into one easy lobotomy, I have now linked my main site to Facebook. (more…)

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Oh noes. I has a Facebook!

Remember only a few days ago how I was saying how I was avoiding Facebook and running down its denizens? Well now I am one.

Some University friends persuaded me to join and I am sort of glad I did because now I can see exactly how identities get stolen. (more…)

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Contact Form Problems

Messages sent through the contact form on the old site seem to have been lost. If you have sent a message using the old contact forms please resend it using the new forms. (more…)

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Hello everybody!

You may remember how I said that Blogs are for losers and how I would keep on writing my HTML by hand and stuff like that? Well didn’t that turn out to be a load of old tosh? A bit like when I said I was sticking with dial-up.

So here we are, Web 2.0 style. I have had the mandatory lobotomy so lets start blogging. (more…)

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