Groundhog Year?

I was trying to think what to write in this year’s New Year’s message. In fact, I’ve been trying to think what to write more generally. My thoughts are (in)coherent enough for Twitter but not for proper articles/blogs/posts or whatever these things are called.

I’m not happy to say this, but I think I called it right in my last New Year’s message:

So, that’s a bit grim. Yeah, 2021 sucked pretty hard.

We learned how little our leaders care for our survival. We learned how bad they are at pretending to care for our survival. We learned how unwilling they are to expend any effort even trying to pretend to care for our survival. I’m not saying that there are any easy solutions for fixing COVID, or the environment, or anything, but couldn’t they at least try a little bit? Instead we live in a world where space tourism, crypto mining and NFT minting show that nobody has the slightest intention of respecting our limited resources if it spoils their own idiotic fun. And “fun” is the key word here. None of this stuff is actually necessary. Other people need these resources to live but they are expended frivolously for the idle pleasures and pointless vanities of the greedy, rich and stupid instead. With these bad examples from the top it is hardly surprising that many people won’t even take simple precautions to protect their own health, never-mind that of others, and even think themselves virtuous for their selfishness. After all, they are only emulating the shitty, self-destructive behaviour of those they are told are the great and the good. Surely that makes them great and good too?

If anything, I wasn’t cynical enough last year. I certainly didn’t predict that the USA would suffer an actual fascist coup attempt! At least the USA is finally rid of the criminal in its White House but the UK still has a blatant and unrepentant criminal firmly lodged in Number 10. Even if he could be removed, the proposed Tory alternatives actually sound even worse. (I mean, seriously? Liz Truss? How would that be any better?) The Tories are openly talking about dismantling Human Rights legislation. Brexit is quietly wrecking the economy. RPI Inflation is at 7.1% and nobody even seems to have noticed! As things fall apart everything is blamed on COVID as if no further explanation is necessary. If anybody does want a better explanation they are offered cynical distractions in the form of blaming migrants and other marginalised groups. Boris cultivates an image of himself as Churchill by emulating all of his vices and none of his virtues.

For me, the high points of 2021 were when I had needles stuck in me but I’m not going to gripe about personal stuff. I’m OK and I know that many, many people have had it so much worse this year. If you have got through 2021 with nothing else to celebrate then you are fully entitled to celebrate that you got through 2021!

Allegedly, there is an old Russian saying:

“On average, we live pretty well: worse than last year, but definitely better than next year.”

Let’s hope it isn’t quite as bad as that but the fear has to be that we face something of another Groundhog Year. If so, I’ll just reitterate what I said last year:

Look after each-other. Wear your masks. Get the vaccine. Try to enjoy Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, in a way that doesn’t put people at risk. Reject tribalism. Protect the NHS. Protect the queer kids. Donate to Stonewall and Mermaids. Find whatever tiny sparks of decency, joy, hope and love that you can. Nurture them. It only from these that the world can be rebuilt.

Margaret Thatcher famously said that “there is no such thing as society”. That has the potential of being a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is up to all of us to do what we can to prove her wrong.

December 25, 2021. #Brexit, COVID-19, Politics, Sensible, Xmas.

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