I’m not fussed

I hereby confess, to the World in general, and not to anybody in particular, *cough*YouTube*cough*, that I cannot find it in my heart to give a rancid rat’s arse about any of the following products or services:

  • Tooth Aligners. (No, not even the “nighttime” variety.)
  • Grammar checking software.
  • Hedge trading.
  • That weird Australian guy who is clearly running a creepy cult.
  • Whatever the fuck “noom” is.
    (Is it some sort of diet thing? I’m not sure because I can’t stop myself clicking the Skip button.)
  • Seriously, stop advertising those damn tooth aligners at me! If I gave half a shit about tooth aligners I would have already bought them after the first 500 times.

January 21, 2021. Silly.

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