Life on…?

Maybe lockdown is getting to me but I had a weird thought.

Suppose aliens show up in your back yard and want to know about humans. Obviously our technology is of no of great interest to them, as they are an interstellar civilisation, but they are intrigued by something we have that they do not. The aliens ask you about music.

So, you try to explain about Bach and Mozart and Beethoven, and you make a complete hash of it, and in the end you give them a link to 12 Tone in the hope that they will go away and stop bothering you, and they do, but then they come back and they say “OK. We understand how it works but what is it for?

You scratch your head for a bit, but then you understand the question, and then you think about what is going on right now, and then you show them this.

“Take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy…”

June 7, 2020. Music.

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