I’ve been watching YouTube and my Mum is now under the impression that the most frequently advertised product on the platform is something called “Fuck Off Grammarly”.

Oh, and the thing about fractional shares can piss off too.

May 19, 2020. Blatant shitposting, Media.


  1. Rik replied:

    Advertising is a tricky one. Its existence makes some things ‘free’ that wouldn’t otherwise be but it is unpleasant. It must work otherwise it wouldn’t be there. I put free in quotes because the cost of the advertising must be buried in the products that’re advertised. I guess it’s the repetition that makes it so annoying.

  2. danielrigal replied:

    My objection is how YouTube seems to get stuck giving you the same advert over and over. I mean, it is long past the point where everybody has decided whether they give a damn about Grammarly or not. Those who do will have already bought it. They are just wasting our time and their money by continuing to bug the rest of us.

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