UK Election Winners and Losers

So, let us see how this “landslide” slid…

Loser: Democracy


That’s 50.3% vs 45.6% in favour of the parties which oppose the very disastrous Tory Brexit which this election is being spun as a ringing endorsement of!


That’s right! The largest gainer of votes was the Lib Dems and they actually lost seats! Whether you like Jo Swinson or not, you have to feel at least a little bit sorry for a party leader who manages to increase her party’s vote by more than half and still loses seats![1]


Your eyes do not deceive you. The turnout was down 1.5% and the Tory vote was only up 1.2%. Did the Tories really get a “landslide” on less votes than last time? Probably not. According to Wikipedia they got 13,941,086 votes this time, compared to 13,636,684 in 2017. Presumably this reflects a larger number of registered voters this time and hence a larger absolute number of voters even if a lower proportion? Even so, it shows the Tories getting just under 30% of the registered voters. I’m not sure exactly what to call this but the one word I definitely would not be using is “landslide”.

Loser: Honest Media

Throughout this election, Tory talking points have dominated media converge and Tory screwups and malfeasance have been downplayed to an astonishing degree. Much of the media space that should have been devoted to the real opposition parties was given to Nigel Farage instead. (Nigel Never Elected von Zero Seats Farage, to give him his full dignity.) There were great long 15 minute interviews where other parties only got 30 seconds each! This starved the other parties of mindshare and gaslit the voters into thinking that their only choice was how far towards the far-right they wanted the UK to slide. Did they give the, significantly larger, Green party equivalent covfeffe? Of course they did not![2]

How much of this was intentional bias? From the papers and online shills, pretty much 100%. From the broadcast media much, much less. The media organisations stupidly allowed themselves to be gaslit over the location of the Overton window and then reflected that unconscious bias back to their audience. Such stupidity is only slightly less culpable.

Loser: The economy

The Pound may be riding high today but have no doubt that a Tory Brexit is massively disadvantageous for the UK economy.

The trade “deal” with Trump will not be the result of negotiation. It will be presented to us as a fait accompli. It will cede far more of our national sovereignty to unelected US private companies than we ever lost in the EU. Boris thinks he can put together a quick trade deal with the EU but he is wrong. The USA will effectively veto it (by putting incompatible provisions in the USA trade “deal”) in order to weaken the UK and make it more dependent on the USA.

Obviously, that is disastrous politically but it also aligns us with a USA that has not been less well managed economically since the 19th century. If Trump has an economic plan at all, he is going for a vicious boom-bust cycle that sees him through the 2020 election, and not much further, before a crash comparable to 1929. When this happens the UK will be far more exposed than the EU countries. A deep global recession will be bad for everybody but the UK will be singularly alone and friendless.

Loser: The UK

We will have less sovereignty, worse food, worse rights and no NHS. Can you see Scotland sticking around for that? Why should they? They never voted for any of this bullshit! They did their best for the UK but Scottish independence is unavoidable now. It isn’t so much them leaving us as us having walked off into the haunted wilderness leaving them behind.

Winner: Trump

Trump has the UK in an utterly subservient position. He will enjoy that. We will distract him from his own problems for a while, at least until his criminality and economic illiteracy finally catch up with him.

Winner: Putin

Putin’s biggest short-term problem here is keeping himself from involuntarily exclaiming “Bwahahahahahaha!” anywhere near a microphone belonging to somebody he can’t have shot. With the UK crushed, the EU weakened and his client state regime in the USA in a stronger position than ever, he edges ever closer to Total World Domination™. Only China can slow him down now.

Loser: The Labour Party

We have probably witnessed the last UK General Election with the UK as it currently is. The thought of a future election, without Scotland, should terrify Labour. The problem for them is that there is nothing that they can do now. Going back to the Blairite right will not win them what would effectively be an English general election unless the media anoints a new party leader. Trouble is that they only do that when the leader is pretty much a Tory and there is an official Tory leader that they want rid of. Going further left is not going to work in the short term. In the longer term it might, so long as it is not too far left. When the economy collapses Labour needs to have a credible plan ready to go. Joining EFTA, while waiting to rejoin the EU, and an economic plan inspired by the “Green New Deal” of the American centre-left could do it. It is a big ask though. That pitch is mostly attractive to younger and more engaged voters. England could easily slide into being a one party state. It could even be argued that it already has.

Winners: Profiteers

This disastrous result has sent both the pound and the UK supermarket soaring. Idiots will be glad to be rid of “uncertainty” but the smarter investors will immediately recognise that this is an opportunity to divest themselves of the UK, at surprisingly overgenerous prices, before the other boot drops. Less clever investors may be wondering about moving money in and getting a slice of NHS privatisation. Even if that was a good idea, that has probably already been corruptly stitched up with a few favoured companies in the USA.

Still a total loser: Farage

Farage got the same zero seats he always does but he will have hurt Labour and won the approval of his paymasters in Washington (or is it Mar-a-Lago?) and Moscow. Unlike Trump’s more immediate and more dimwitted henchmen, he is unlikely to be directly involved in any crimes that ever go to trial. He can live his whole life on the snacks and booze provided in the green rooms of various broadcasters while he waits to go out and shill. He will never be the big beast that he somehow imagines that he deserves to be, but he will live in undeserved comfort while those foolish enough to believe in him struggle just to survive.


This was an election but it was a very poor substitute for actual democracy.

I have mixed feelings when I consider the history of the UK but, even so, I am profoundly sad to see it end like this. I hope that Scotland can make a go of it and that, one day, we will rejoin them in the EU. It terrifies me to think of how many needless deaths there will be before we get there.

The battle now has to be centred on the NHS. We must not let it go without a fight. We must make England unprofitably toxic to those who would try to steal it from us.

Also, what the hell is wrong with almost a third of the UK’s adult population that didn’t vote at all? Do they imagine that this doesn’t matter to them? Do they not eat food, receive and spend money, live in houses, have children, use the NHS? Are they all Bodhisattvas, totally detached from all worldly needs and desires? Brexit is not a path to Nirvana for anybody.



[1] – I’m pretty neutral on Swinson. She wasn’t a great leader but she was the best candidate from a small field and, based on the number of votes, she made a reasonable showing considering where she was starting from. Whatever she does with her life now, she will always have the comfort of knowing that she was no Nick Clegg.

[2] – And the Greens still got more votes than the “Brexit party”!

All charts taken from BBC News. Not my copyright, even assuming that simple bar charts of public information are copyrightable at all.

December 13, 2019. #Brexit, Politics, Sensible.

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