Last chance?

We go into a defining week for the United Kingdom in a terrible state[1]. On Thursday we face an election which could lead to economic ruin and the end of the UK. None of the parties look good and it is very easy to give in to apathy and despair. It is important to remember that not all the parties are the same. Even in this sick joke of an election, our votes do matter, if we care enough to make them matter.

Fascism is on the verge of becoming mainstream in much of the English speaking world in a way that it never did in the 1930s. The far right has got its hooks into the UK in a way unseen since the 1980s and this time it is much more successful. Violence against ethnic, religious, sexuality and gender minorities is steadily on the rise. Just as America has to fight just to retain basic democracy and the rule of law, so do we.

The far right has a plan for the UK: A disastrously hard Brexit, a horrifically and humiliatingly asymmetric trade “deal” with USA[2], a devastating economic collapse in which a general global recession is amplified in the UK by Brexit and by Tory stupidity[3], civil unrest and a general fracturing of society as different groups blame others, possibly a state of emergency, the repeal of human rights laws, suppression of dissent and a move to a Singaporean, or even Russian, style of fake democracy where there are elections but only one party can ever win. Somewhere down the line this leads to Scottish independence[4]. Of course, the NHS, state pensions and most benefits get the chop too, but probably not until the later stages of the plan. Let’s be clear, this is devastating bad for everybody but if you can’t work, have complex medical needs or are in any of the aforementioned minorities then this could easily be fatal!

I am not going to endorse a specific party here. This is not a party political issue.

  • Please vote to save the UK from a hard Tory Brexit and a humiliating trade “deal” dictated by Putin via Trump.
  • Please vote for whichever non-fascist[5] party has the best chance to defeat the Tories in your constituency: Labour, Lib Dem, Green, SNP[6] Plaid, Alliance, SDLP[6], whatever works best where you live!
  • Please do not vote for any party that does not have a realistic chance of winning the seat. Also, please do not vote for any party that refuses to take its seats. Either way that is as bad as not voting at all! We do not have time for such self-indulgent posturing.
  • Please don’t get caught up in worrying about what a coalition might look like if Labour do not win a majority. So long as the Tories are not in it, there is hope that sanity can prevail and they will be able to work something out even if it is a mess. Maybe we can prevent Brexit. Maybe we will end up with a much softer Brexit that the UK can survive and move forward from. Either way, we live to fight another day…

This is not a party political issue. In fact, I think that even Tories would do well to heed my advice if they want their party to survive. Getting rid of Boris would be no great loss, would it? Does a corrupt, lying, adulterous, dimwitted thug who arranges for journalists to be beaten up really represent conservative values? (Yes, of course he does, but you might not want to make that quite so obvious!) More to the point, do you really want to be poor? Brexit is going to destroy wealth. You know, mostly Tory wealth.

The Brexiteers like to shout “take back control” but their agenda is to split our nation from its allies and from itself and then gift the remains to Trump and Putin. We need to stop this! We really do need to take back control… from them!


[1] Pun intended, obviously.

[2] Which is essentially indistinguishable from Russian interests under Trump.

[3] Never forget that the Tories are by far the most stupid and economically illiterate of the major UK parties. Their only answer to anything is to slash essential spending and cut taxes for the already rich. They claim to believe in “Trickle down economics” but it is unlikely that they really believe that it works. (I mean, it never has done!) It is more likely that they like the unequal concentration of wealth which such policies produce but fail to grasp the longer term dangers of heading back to the 19th century on both society and the economy. (Remember that this was a time so bad that even Marxism looked like a credible improvement to a lot of people!)

[4] Not that I will blame the Scots if this happens. They have already put up with a lot. If we get to that stage then the UK will already be beyond any hope. They will have no choice but to save themselves and, if it comes to it, they should do so.

[5] There may be a very few exceptionally awful candidates from the parties I mentioned approvingly who you may feel fail to live up to the minimal standard of “non-fascist” which I set. Take care to check that the bad things which you have heard about them really are true, but if your local Labour or SNP candidate really is a hard Brexiteer or a some sort of racist/xenophobe/anti-Semite/sectarian/misogynist/homophobe/transphobe then I’m certainly not asking you to vote for that! Oh, and the DUP count as Tories because of course they do!

[6] Yes, voting SNP or SDLP to save the UK does make sense. They may have long term objectives to leave the UK but they do not propose burning England’s economy to the ground, unlike the Tories, or whoever is pulling their strings now. In fact, the SNP have been acting far more in England’s best interests than the Tories have recently. They may or may not ever get what they want but even if they do then I’m sure we can find some way to cooperate with the newly independent states (within a structure like, oooh, say, maybe the EU). In the meantime, every SNP or SDLP MP is another vote in parliament against hard Brexit and the Trumpification of the UK.

December 8, 2019. #Brexit, Money, Politics, Sensible.

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  1. danielrigal replied:

    “our votes do matter, if we care enough to make them matter”

    Big shout out to the almost one third of registered voters who did not vote at all. You own this every bit as much as the Tory voters.

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