The Wrong Trousers

counterfeit cabbages

“Trousers, you say? What on earth for?”

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t been arsed to slag off the UK’s most egregious counterfeiter of cabbages since he was implausibly hoisted into high office by a small clique of dimwits who’s only possible excuse is that they got high in their offices and then voted for him “on a lark”.

Let’s put that right.

Now, I don’t mean to slut-shame our Prime Minister. He can have sex with as many different people as he likes, so long as he can find willing partners*. However, I would count him rather less of an unmaintained human garbage pile if only he could manage two very basic nods towards decent behaviour, namely:

  1. Be openly polyamorous with his partners instead of cheating on them, like he cheats on the country as a whole.
  2. Get laid on his own dollar, not ours!


* – This is an utterly opaque mystery to me and it brings me no joy to contemplate it, so I won’t. You can’t make me! No, you can’t! I’m not listening! La. La. La!

September 23, 2019. Counterfeit cabbages, Politics, Sensible.

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