Philosophy Channels

Introductory Philosophy

If you are vaguely aware that you should know something about philosophy, but you don’t know where to even start, then either (or both) of these offer a good route in and they won’t try to trap you into any one system of left or right wing thought (or in the case of most right wing YouTube “philosophy”, non-thought).

The Best

Natalie Wynn (ContraPoints) and Abigail Thorn (Philosophy Tube) are the two most compelling voices on philosophical YouTube. If you ever feel that YouTube would be better off burnt to the ground then these channels are among the best arguments for sparing it.*

Seriously though, pay attention to their content warnings! Some of their stuff can cut quite deep.

More Philosophical Content

Infobox: How to watch ContraPoints

  1. Subscribe and press the notification bell.
  2. Do not look at Twitter.
  3. Get ridiculously overexcited when a new video is uploaded.
  4. Do not look at Twitter.
  5. Watch it straight away and don’t worry if it mostly goes over your head. Always remember that Natalie is way smarter than you are. Just try to get a general idea of what the subject is, which characters are taking which positions (if the video has multiple characters) and, if possible, what some of the points of contention are.
  6. For the love of all and any deities as may exist, do not look at Twitter!
  7. Wait a few days for the proper subtitles to become available. Now watch the video again slowly and carefully. Pause and replay as required. Use subtitles to work out any unfamiliar terms and use Google or Wikipedia to research context. Pay attention to small details. If something is on screen then there is probably a reason for that. Take this seriously but not so seriously that you can’t enjoy the jokes.
  8. Let it sit in your mind for a while and then rewatch to pick up anything you missed and just to appreciate the overall awesomeness.

Warning: Do not try to binge-watch ContraPoints. That will break your brain! Watch videos from the back catalogue one at a time with a decent break in-between to think things over. Also, do not look at Twitter.


Q: Isn’t she, like, some sort of terrible person?
A: No.

Q: But didn’t she…
A: No. She really, really didn’t!

Q: But I heard…
A: Please stop.

Q: But they said on Twitter…
A: I said not to look at Twitter!

Q: Why do some people hate her on Twitter?
A: As my Mum says, “People throw stones at trees with fruit on them”.

* – Of course, if you disagree then Abigail knows an Arsonist

August 17, 2019. Media Picks.

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