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I know I have been slagging off YouTube lately for its failure to protect people from bullying by its very worst denizens. Despite this, YouTube is a platform with an importance that transcends the utterly shitty way in which the platform is operated. YouTube is where you have to go to get the good videos from the good people.*

Anyway, I’d like to take a moment to plug a couple of excellent YouTube channels that I have stumbled across which have less than 1,000 subscribers between them. I’d also like to explain how I will be changing the way that my site links to YouTube in the near future.


  • Panopticon – If you like thoughtful political videos, with a minimalist style somewhat similar to Shaun or Three Arrows**, then you will probably like this. So far, only 138 people agree.

  • Sheep In The Box – If you want more in the same vein and also some videos with a much more personal edge, then you will probably like this too. (Also if you like stock footage of sheep.) So far, only 694 people agree.

Both channels are well worth checking out. If nothing else, they both have videos slagging off PragerU, which is a big plus in my book because PragerU can never be dragged enough.

Site changes:

Over to the right of this page you will see an insanely over-long and out of date list of YouTube channels that I watch. That channel list is going to change pretty soon. I had been avoiding signing in to YouTube and I was using the list as a surrogate for the Subscriptions page. I stopped doing this a few weeks ago because I realised that I was being selfish. These channels all make good content that I benefit from. I am not giving them any money for it. I should at least be boosting their subscriber counts so I am doing that now. (Sometimes I even click the bell icon like they tell you to.)

I’ll be slicing the list down from its huge size to just a few channels that I specifically want to recommend and signal boost. (Yeah right, like I’m any sort of an “influencer”.) I might also make some sub-pages with recommendations by topic. e.g. recommended philosophy channels.

[Update: Rather than junk the lists I decided to categorise them all and make a set of list articles for them. I even added some new ones. I’m quite pleased with the way this has worked out.]

Footnotes, footnotes, fuuuuucking footnotes…

* – I mean, I’ve heard of a thing called, um, “Vimeo” (Am I saying that right?) but I don’t know anybody who watches it. I don’t even know how you would watch it. It is not like you can even get to a list of all the videos on a channel nevermind discover other content on it. If you are interested in finding out more about Vimeo then why not look it up on Bing? You know, Bing? That other thing that people don’t give a shit about?

** – Dan Arrows got his whole channel deleted for a day or so recently! He had done absolutely nothing wrong. It seems that the Neo-Nazi edgelord chuds can’t stand it when a German guy takes the time to carefully and clearly tell people the straight up historical truth about Nazism. He got his channel back but it is unacceptable that good people have to constantly jump through flaming hoops just because some stupid Nazis put a deluge of transparently meritless complaints in against them. Rather than demonetising honest videos about history as “controversial”, YouTube should be promoting and funding good channels like Three Arrows, and those recommended above, to help redress the relentless far-right propaganda that YouTube itself has enabled to be spawned.

July 13, 2019. Administrivia, Links, Media, Politics, Sensible.

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