What Is The Plan For The US Border?

I really hope that I am wrong about this, but I think I know what the plan is on the US southern border. When I look at what is happening, I don’t see a lack of funding. I don’t see isolated incidents. I don’t see negligence or incompetence. I see something far, far worse.

Content Warning: I’m putting this all below the fold as it is fucking grim.

I believe that an overall pattern of intent can be extrapolated from the following specific and deliberate acts:

  • People have been crammed into cages so densely that they can not sit for days or weeks at a time.
  • People have been prevented from washing or having clean clothes for weeks at a time. Essential hygiene supplies such as soap and toothpaste are not only not supplied, they are confiscated if people have any of their own.
  • People are alternated between outdoor cages with no protection from the Texan sun and indoor refrigerated facilities held at 13°C (55°F). Blankets are often confiscated as punishment.
  • An infestation of lice was “handed” by making a cage full of children share a single lice comb.
  • An inadequate diet is being deliberately provided. In some cases there isn’t even clean drinking water.
  • Death statistics are no longer being released.

The underlying intention is clearly to maximise the spread of disease. Heat will breed germs faster. Cold will make people huddle together and spread germs between them. Cramming people in so that they are constantly touching will spread germs. Preventing people from washing will breed and spread germs. Extreme cold and malnutrition will compromise people’s immune systems making them more susceptible to disease. It all points in one direction. They want these people dead.

This is essentially a rerun of the mid-stage Nazi playbook, prior to the industrialised killing of the extermination camps. The idea is to engineer outbreaks of fatal diseases and then to list the deaths as being from “natural causes” implying no fault on the part of those who engineered them.

This also enables foreigners to be classed as “unclean”. It portrays this as a health issue rather than as a series of deliberate crimes against humanity. The dead can be recast as the sources, rather than the victims, of disease. The dead can be declared worthless subhumans and even blamed for their own deaths. It offers a retrospective “justification” for their being forced into camps in the first place.

The human disgust response can easily be hijacked and weaponised. Deaths from disease can easily feed into into the propaganda of “racial hygiene” and “moral hygiene”. This enables mass-murder to be committed without the resistance it demands.

None of this is accidental. This is the plan.

So, what can we do?

For Americans, or anybody with easy access to USD, I’d suggest considering a donation to one or more of:

I don’t know how best to approach this from the UK. In fact, this is something I would like to ask you?


No, the actual readers, particularly if they are based in the UK.

Do any of you know a good way to donate money to American causes without getting rinsed with currency and transaction fees?
Ideally I want a way that I can upload a block of money in GBP, pay one transaction fee, and then distribute it to different places over time. I’d like to be able to give to US charities and also to a few Patreon users. I don’t expect any tax deductibility here. I’m just looking to give people a few dollars here and there without the costs eating up half the donation.

If you have a suggestion then please submit it as a comment.
(Note: All comments are moderated so please don’t worry when nothing shows up right away.)

June 29, 2019. Law, Money, Politics, Sensible.

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