Woo Yeah!

What is this strange, unfamiliar feeling? I feel that I remember it from the distant past. Oh yes! It the unexpected joy of waking up to election results that are, so far, not completely shit.

  • LibDems doubling their number of councillors? Check!
    • (LibDems taking several whole councils! Despite lacklustre leadership, it looks like the LibDems might actually be back!)
  • Councils going to No Overall Control? Check!
  • Tories getting the kicking they so richly deserve? Check!
    • (The Tories just lost Hertfordshire FFS! This is beautiful!)
  • Labour possibly getting the message that they are not just going to inherit the nation by default. Yeah, maybe. Don’t hold you breath…
  • Greens finally breaking in? Check!
  • UKIP losing 4/5ths of its councillors so far? Hell yeah! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of bastards! How’s all that neo-Nazi, edgelord bullshit working out for you now?
    • (Not sure how much of this is due to them losing and how much due to their former councillors defecting and them not even fielding official candidates.)
  • Lots of independents getting elected.

Of course not all the results are in yet but I have questions:

  • Who are all these independents? Presumably not “Tiggers”? Hacked off Tories? Hacked off Labour? Hacked off UKIP? Genuine local issue independents?
  • Does Corbyn understand how badly he has screwed this up yet?
  • Can we get rid of both May and Corbyn now? I mean right now!


The Northern Irish results will be a separate  matter. It will be interesting to see whether the murder of Lyra McKee really has shocked the conscience of those who were taking peace for granted and, if so, how that is expressed.

May 3, 2019. #Brexit, Politics, Sensible.

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