Share The Inanity II

Eight and a half years ago, I linked this fine blog to Facebook and Google Buzz. Both links stopped working soon after and I couldn’t be bothered to fix them. Google Buzz didn’t last long anyway. Facebook is apparently still going though.

Now I haz an Twitter (@DanielRigal1, if anybody is interested), I guess it is time to try this again. The blog is allegedly linked to Twitter now. This should mean that each post gets Tweeted but that nothing on Twitter should affect the blog.

I never really got the point of Facebook. I log into it once every few years and think “Why?”. Actually, I just reread my in depth technical analysis whinge about it from 8½ years ago and I pretty much stand by everything I said. There are people on Facebook who I would want to interact with, just not via Facebook.

I’m quite liking Twitter though. It reminds me of what somebody said about an older form of media:

Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn’t have in your home.

David Frost, as quoted in A Companion to Television, Janet Wasko (2005)

Twitter is like that except that many of the people appear to be on meth.

What I like about Twitter is that is has no pretensions to being a complete communications and collaboration platform. It is just for Tweeting. Unlike Facebook, which I freely admit that I can’t make head nor tail of, I feel that I basically understand Twitter just by looking at it. I mean, if Trump can manage it then it can’t be too hard, right? Just remind me again; How many dots in an ellipsis?

I am using Twitter to follow people, mostly people associated with the sites and YouTube channels listed on the left of the page. As far as I can tell, none of these people is on meth but several of them respond to other people who may well be. This is where a lot of the entertainment comes from. I don’t want to read Trump tweets but I do want to read clever people ripping the piss out of Trump’s tweets. To state the same thing less flippantly, I feel the need to know what the bad people are doing but I don’t want to be directly exposed to an unfiltered stream of their bigotry, hatred and stupidity. This is what the media is for. It mediates. Twitter lets me pick who mediates for me. I can stand just close enough to the fire hose of idiocy that passes for a zeitgeist to observe it without getting by shoes covered in piss.

I’m about to press Publish now. Let’s see if this “Publicise” thingy actually works. If it doesn’t I may try again in another 8½ years.

Update: Well that worked. Sort of. There was a stupid typo in the first few sentences that get captured for the excerpt that is shown in Twitter. And fixing that on the blog doesn’t fix it on Twitter as it doesn’t update. So now I look like an idiot. Ugh.

February 2, 2019. Administrivia, Daniel, IT, Social Media.

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