Weird Day Out in London

Do you ever feel that there is not enough weird stuff going on?

With Trump and Brexit, not so much.

That was a rhetorical question.

Well, if you are in London and you want to see some top grade weird stuff then I can strongly recommend that you get the tube to Holborn.

Your first stop is to head to Lincoln’s Inn Fields and visit Sir John Soane’s Museum (Wednesdays to Sundays, free entry) where you can see all of Soane’s crap. And, oh boy, did he have a lot of crap! But it was the very best crap. I suspect that most people have somebody in their family who is a hoarder, who fills all available space with worthless junk. Soane did the same thing with fine art, antiquities and architectural odds and ends. He bought up and rebuilt two of the adjoining houses to allow the collection to grow, and then opened it all up to the public as a museum, living on one floor over the top. Objects are crammed into every possible space from floor to ceiling, seemingly without categorisation or context, with barely any room to walk between them. Pictures are stacked behind pictures on movable panels to fit more stuff in. Did I mention that he had a lot of stuff?

After that you may want to sit in Lincoln’s Inn Fields and recover for a bit.

Next, head down Great Queen Street to Freemasons’ Hall where there is the Library and Museum of Freemasonry (Mondays to Saturdays, free entry). The building is serious Art Deco. The real stuff, not the 1980s revival. The masons have a lot of very weird stuff on display too, from rolling pins to Russian dolls, although theirs is arranged to present a fairly coherent narrative about their history. Yes, after Soane, not even the freemasons will seem that weird!

September 13, 2018. Art, Links, London, Sensible.

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