Who done the Salisbury Poisonings?

All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence. Da!

Are you sure we should be joking about this?

Maybe not. It is pretty horrific and the victims are still in hospital. Nonetheless, when I saw that Putin was trying to blame the Czechs I just could not resist taking the piss. I mean, how pathetic is that? And why pick the Czechs anyway? What have they ever done to deserve this? Then he also tried to finger Slovakia, Sweden and America. Solvakia? Sweden? FFS! This is way beyond risible. The piss has to be taken.

I suspect that Putin is enjoying his role as international uber-troll, pulling this off and making blatantly implausible accusations that just add insult to the injury. It may be that, like his protégée Trump, mocking him only feeds his ego. Still, I think it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves that this is the behaviour of a Bond villain, not a genuine world leader.


March 18, 2018. Politics, Rigged Polls, Silly.

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