Quo Vadis, Dingbats?

To be honest, the American “Alt-right” scare me. Fortunately we don’t have much of that in the UK. In the UK we have a bunch of dingbats who have fallen out of their belfry, and fallen out with eachother.  Of course, I’m talking about UKIP.

The Kippers should be happy. They have got everything they ever wanted and only have themselves to blame if they don’t like it. That said, they do look rather glum, like people who smart talked their way into a sewage farm only to realise that they were stuck in a sewage farm. With no elections looming, and Brexit still at least a year off, UKIP is at a bit of a loose end.

To jolly things up the Kippers have decided to hold a sports day.  As always, the highlight is the UKIP Triathlon in which their very best (i.e. worst) compete in the three classic events:

  1. Adultery
  2. Racism
  3. Resigning

Their nominal leader was doing well going in to the final round, having successfully completed the first two events in parallel by the ingenious expedient of having a racist girlfriend. It looked like he had the gold coloured plastic medal in the bag but then he lost his bottle going into the final event. His loyal supporters tried to help him along by passing a motion of no confidence but he was unable to complete the resignation event and the sports day was ruined leaving various Kippers wandering around like farts in a trance wondering what to do next and waiting for the bar to open. Business as usual then.

So, where next for the Kippers? Your guess is as good as mine, so why not tell me in my new, and in no way schadenfreude fuelled, poll?


January 22, 2018. #Brexit, Politics, Rigged Polls, Silly.

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