Thou shalt not bear false witness

If we are going to talk about regretting stuff, I’m regretting giving this little twerp the benefit of the doubt last year:

I thought that maybe they really were just picking on him because he is a Christian. After all, there was no evidence that he had actually said or done anything wrong. In retrospect, somebody must have known something was up and now he admits it all. Lets hope Vince Cable kicks him off the front bench for this.

I used to be a member of the Lib Dems. (I quit when that pillock Clegg not only refused to condemn but actually approved the security services raiding The Guardian’s offices and forcing them to smash up their own computers like a second rate approximation to a third world goon squad.) I find it tragic that they have had two utter, utter bozos lead the party before Cable finally got his chance. Between Clegg and Farron they have screwed it up so badly that I doubt that Cable or anybody can fix it now.

All this, at a time when we have never needed liberal and democratic values more!


January 10, 2018. Politics, Sensible.

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