Trump Trump Trump

I was going to express my disgust with Trump’s open promotion of a Fascist, and borderline terrorist, group in the UK. I was going to talk about how this, and our less than adequate response to it, demeans both our nations and also democracy itself. But the anger did not carry over into the ability to say anything particularly coherent about a situation so obscene as to defy language.

Fortunately, the BBC’s James Cook pretty much nailed it so I don’t have to:

Instead, I have pop videos…

All this talk of British Neo-Nazi groups risks sending us back to the 1970s with people mistrusting each other based solely their appearance and perceived tribal allegiances. It is probably making the skinheads, who are mostly not Nazis, feel a bit uncomfortable too. Huge numbers of people stand to suffer badly from this and, while skinheads are certainly not top of the list, lets cheer ourselves, and them, up with a video the relevance of which will rapidly become clear at the chorus.

And while we are in that general musical area, maybe Theresa May should think on this, and how it maybe pertains to a certain state visit…

I’m fairly confident that Trump will be gone soon, possibly even to jail, but he did not create the evil that he represents. If anything, he is little more than a tragicomic meatpuppet, albeit one far too willing to be able to evade personal culpability. This will be a problem for a lot longer than Trump will.

Now, about all this elephant shit?…


December 2, 2017. Music, Politics, Sensible.

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