Brexit Fact Check: The Rotting Fruit


Corresponding fact:

  • Boris is talking out of his arse again.

OK. I’m making light of this but I’m not sure that this is funny any more.

We are in danger of going full on “post-truth” here. The whole thing has already cost us billions in the devaluation of the Pound and loss of business and we have not really even got started yet. People are arguing about the “divorce payment” but that really is chickenfeed compared to the damage the UK economy faces from a hard Brexit. We face a sustained period of, if not outright poverty by international standards, falling significantly behind the rest of the developed world and this twerp is talking like there is spare money to spend.

People like Boris are living in a bubble where the delusion of everything being fine has become hypernormalised but for anybody outside of that bubble it is beginning to feel a little 1929 around here.


September 16, 2017. #Brexit, Money, Silly.

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