Brexit Fact Check: The Low Hanging Fruit


Corresponding fact:

  • Pound now: €1.1373 [1]

Rich! I’m rich! I’m… Oh sod it. I can’t even be bothered to be sarcastic about this drivel. It’s just too depressing.


Corresponding Fact:

  • Tim Martin looks like somebody has photoshopped his face to be too small for his head but they haven’t. He really does have a head too big for his face. [2]

Bonus fact:

  • They don’t grow Coffee in Europe, Tim, you ignorant tit! [3]

Quite apart from the insanity of this man’s opinions there is also a serious element of injustice in what he proposes. The European brewers have got sod all to do with his dissatisfaction over Brexit. What he proposes doesn’t lay a punch on the EU at all, even if one was deserved, which it isn’t*. It is just the sort of petulant xenophobia that will make his staff (very many of them non-UK EU citizens) even more nervous about what kind of a person they are working for.

Anyway, good luck with a pub that doesn’t serve any European beers**. I’m sure you’ll make all the lost revenue back on the pork scratchings…

(Do they even still sell pork scratchings? Should I fact check that next? Can I be bothered? Um, no. )


* – Who is holding up the negotiations? Who is trying to negotiate everything out of the agreed order? Who clearly does not have even an approximation of a coherent plan for what sort of a deal they want? Who is not taking the whole thing even remotely seriously? Hint: It isn’t the EU negotiators!

** – He has forgotten that Ireland is as much in the EU as Belgium is, hasn’t he?


September 15, 2017. #Brexit, Money, Silly.

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