Ask a stupid question…

It’s the silly season and everybody is on holiday, either physically or mentally.

So what do we have on the BBC Business News? Stupid questions, that’s what.

Now I have pointed out that I am not an economist more than once before but I think these questions are within even my reach…

Why is the pound so low against the euro?

Miss. Miss. I know Miss! I know! Pick me Miss! I know this one Miss! It’s Brexit isn’t it Miss? It is, isn’t it? Can I have a gold star Miss?

Why is the US dollar falling?

Sir. Sir. I know Sir! I know! Pick me Sir! I know this one Sir! It’s Tump isn’t it Sir? It is, isn’t it? Can I have a gold star now Sir?

And now you know how I got my ‘O’ Level in Social Economics.

Seriously though, that first article is a complete disgrace. How can you ask that question and only mention Brexit twice? That is not so much ignoring the elephant in the room as briefly acknowledging its presence only to claim that it is just one of many factors making the room feel cramped. Yeah, right.

So, about all this elephant poo?


August 13, 2017. #Brexit, Media, Money, Politics, Silly.


  1. danielrigal replied:

    I guess they only read City AM now?

    Criticising the BBC for being anti-Brexit is ridiculous. The BBC has been very generous in its coverage of this blatant train wreck. Sure the news is bad, but they are far from over-egging their reporting of how bad things really are. In fact, I think it is reasonable to assume that no matter how bad anybody thinks Brexit is, the truth is that it is probably much worse than that.

    The story that Brexit has wrecked the value of the Pound and that this has led, and will continue to lead, to higher inflation, lower wages and higher interest rates is one of the fundamental narratives concerning what is happening in the UK right now and the BBC fumbled their reporting of it. As with the car crash that is Trump, the media is being aggressively told that it needs to see the positives even when there simply are no positives to see. Four does not equal five, even for large values of four.

    I’m with Vince Cable, who described the young as having been “comprehensively shafted” by Brexit. These things need to be said and said clearly. We can’t hold back just because the delusional Brexiteers get all jittery when they can’t handle the truth. That is cognitive dissonance and that is their problem not ours, unlike Brexit which is a problem for all of us.

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