The Sunday Game

Here is a fun game that you can play on a Sunday. (Actually, you can play it on any day of the week and it is more depressing than fun.) As I was saying, here is a game you can play blah blah whatever:

  • Walk into W H Smugs or your newsagent of choice.
  • Look at the front pages of the national newspapers.
  • Pick out at least one front page story that is obviously untrue.

You get one point per item.

By “obviously untrue” I don’t just mean something salacious, intrusive, biased, irrelevant, racist or generally malicious. That would be far too easy. You are looking for something so palpably based in utter falsehood that, were it to be submitted to Wikipedia, would be speedily deleted under criteria such as:

  • G1. Patent nonsense
  • G3. Blatant hoax
  • A11. Obviously invented by the article’s creator or someone they know personally (CoughMurdochCough)

You only get a tenth of a point for material that would fall foul of their semi-official policy on Complete Bollocks because that stuff is ten a penny. It is the staple diet of the UK newspapers.

Depressing? Maybe. Still look on the bright side. Brexit is a massive success, so they tell me…


October 2, 2016. Media.

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