Is it too late to ask?

Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is!

As the UK falls apart, and the best idea anybody seems to have it to ask if we can hit the reset button and try again, it seems possible that we will be needing one or more new national anthems shortly. We like nautical themes so here is a suggestion.

This is a song that I know via my bother, who is in the Brockley Ukulele Group, who perform it. I don’t have a video of that, so here is Boothby Graffoe’s original version.

At a first glance it may seem to be a comedy song about an idiot who drowns (and I know the recording quality isn’t great) but it captures a lot of truth about the way things are now. We don’t have to choose between tragedy and comedy. We have both. We are living in both. You can’t understand where we are now without fully embracing both contexts. Those who lead us here, and those who would presume to lead us onwards (They know not where!), understand neither. They are as much in denial as our man in the song. Throw in the feeling of ineptly suppressed panic and this is very much our boat.

Nobody is taking responsibility for the mess we are in. Both Tory and Labour have turned on their own and are busy settling old scores. Nobody knows where we are going. The only person with a plan seems to be Nicola Sturgeon and her plan (perfectly reasonably, given the way we have behaved and her responsibility to the people who elected her) does not include us. Those in the liferafts are the ones with the right idea.


Does anybody here know how to sail?


July 2, 2016. #Brexit, Music, Politics.

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