I’m Coining Neologisms…

…because I don’t have any better ideas.

First up let me say that I am fully aware that you can’t copyright individual words and that you can’t register a trade mark on a name unless you use it for trade but nonetheless the following blatantly shoddy neologisms are mine and it will cost you €100 if you want to use them. Bwahahahah. (This is my grand plan to get some hard currency to replenish my pension fund after this week’s losses so pay up!)

Given that #brexit was a massive success as a neologism, just as it was a total disaster as a concept, we need some hashtag friendly new names for what we have coming up.

Scotland is interesting because Scotland will be leaving/exiting the UK but either staying/remaining in or joining/re-entering the EU. So by mindless enumeration, lets see what we have and then pick out any ones that might fly.

leave exit stay remain join reenter
scot #scotleave #scotexit #scotstay #scotremain #scotjoin #scotreenter
sco #scoleave #scoexit #scostay #scoremain #scojoin #scoreenter
sc #scleave #scexit #scstay #scremain #scjoin #screenter
s #sleave #sexit #sstay #sremain #sjoin #sreenter

Will any of those fly? To quote Douglas Adams, “In much the same way that bricks don’t”. Sexit is too obvious and the rest are just, well, pish.

Then there is Sadiq Kahn’s idea to somehow keep London in the EU. I can’t see much in that as a serious possibility although I do fully approve of it as an act mischief. Maybe he can set himself up as the first Doge of London? I was going to try out some neologisms for that but I see that they already have something: #londependence. Well, that’s really not very good, is it? OK; it is better than any of my nonsense above, but still, really not very good.

Anyway, I warned you it was shoddy. I still want my €100! Pay up!


June 25, 2016. #Brexit, Politics, Silly.

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