Stop Saying “Uncertainty”, You Bellends!

“Blah blah uncertainty blah. Uncertainty blah blah. Blah blah uncertainty bibble.”
– Pretty much all of the bellends, pretty much all of the time.

Just shut up all of you! Please stop saying “uncertainty” as if it explains the current UK financial and political crisis.

Now pull your dictionaries out of your backsides and look the damn word up.

Yes, that’s right. It does mean something. It means a lack of certain knowledge.

So uncertainty was what we had before the referendum, when we were not certain what the result would be.

So what do we have now that we certainly do know the result?

Effin’ certainty, that’s what!

The markets are not going down due to any remaining uncertainty about exactly how screwed we all are. They are going down because of the certainty that we are screwed to a very substantial extent.


June 24, 2016. #Brexit, Media, Politics, Sensible.

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