Poll: Vote in my exciting, and not at all rigged, plebicite

The right-wing press is enjoying trying to turn the EU referendum into a show of their ability to manipulate their readerships into squawking back the inane propaganda they are being fed.

Recently the Daily Express ran an on-line poll[1] in which a self-selecting electorate of drooling morons (i.e. readers of the Daily Express website) were invited to speak their branes in a poll that proved exactly what it was always meant to do, i.e. that euroseptic loons read a euroseptic paper and click where they are told to. Perhaps the only good thing about this poll is that it was done on the website so the morons didn’t have to pay to call or text a premium rate phone number like in the good ol’ Current Bun’s stupid fake polls.

Of course, nobody takes these things seriously and it is not like the Daily Express put it on the front page or anything. Er? They did what? Oh. Right.

Well, if they can do it, so can I. After all, I am easily as literate, talented and modest as their team of typewriter-bound propaganda monkeys so lets give this a try. There is no limit to how many times you can vote or for how many options. So just decide how you want to agree with my highly leading question and then vote as early and as often as you can be arsed!

[1] – No, I am not linking to that massive heap of shite and increasing its pagewank even by one quantum of wankiness! You can Google for it if you want to. (Hint: You don’t want to.)


March 4, 2016. #Brexit, Money, Politics, Rigged Polls, Silly.

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