Ironic followup

In case you didn’t get to the bottom of my last tl;dr screed you may have missed my parting shot:

PS: And here is a final irony that might make you smile, if only weakly. The result of the referendum might be decisive enough to make the No campaign wonder it they really needed to cheat in the first place. A clean victory for the Nos, even by a small margin, would have done more long term damage to the cause of reform than this much larger one achieved by what would have been illegal practices had the referendum been properly regulated. Cheaters often prosper but they are very rarely respected.

I have been looking at the regional referendum results in a bit more detail and I am now convinced that I was right. Scotland, Wales and London all voted No. The significant point here is that they all already have fair voting systems in place for their parliament/assembly. They could not have been as effectively bullshitted that FPtP was the fairer system. This did make a difference but not as much as I expected. Yes polled about 40% (instead of 30%) in those regions.

So you can add another irony to the list. Not only was it unnecessary for the No campaign to cheat like it did, they seem to have done so because they were working on exactly the same set of misconceptions as lead the Yes campaign to run such a complacent and ineffective campaign, i.e. that those regions that already had a fair system would support AV by a large margin.

Well, we can forget that idea now. The Scots gave the SNP a landslide victory so we can’t accuse them of voting for the status-quo. What were they thinking when they voted No? Were they holding out for something better than AV and FPtP? Sadly there will be no incentive for anybody to ask them. After a referendum between the worst and second worst voting systems in the world, we still don’t know what people really want and now we will probably never know.


May 7, 2011. Politics, Sensible.

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