I am Web Monkey

I have now taken over responsibility for all my Dad’s websites. After a frantic period of getting access to his various logins and accounts I have finally got everything consolidated onto one server. I still need to clean up some of his other old hosting, so that Googlers only find the latest versions, and hunt down the last few dead links, but it is going OK. It is all very Web 1.0, which is just how I like it.

The whole thing is hosted on Streamline using a cheap but obsolete package that gives you Perl, CGI and SSH access with cron. What it doesn’t give you, unless you pay extra, is a database or the ability to password protect folders.

I found a nice, simple search engine written in Perl, that does not require a database, at Boutell.com. The index is a plain text file. After sexing it up a bit, I think it looks quite good:

The bit I am particularly happy with is the way I was able to make it colour code the results by which section of the site they are in. Given the disparate nature of the microsites, that seems to work quite well and avoid the need to index each microsite separately.


August 8, 2010. Daniel, IT.

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