National Bee Shortage?

There was yet another news report about there being a shortage of bees yesterday. This has been going on for more than a year now and even became a recurring theme in the previous series of Doctor Who.

The weird thing is that there seem to be just as many bees as ever around here. If you have lavender, or any of the plants that bees like, you will find bees, lots of them, at least around here. Maybe other places are worse affected.

A few days ago I was menaced by an absolutely huge bumble bee at the bus stop opposite my flat. It may have been suffering from the brain damage the scientists are speculating about, but it is hard to tell because bumble bees are pretty thick anyway. There were so many small bees on Stoughton Rec that it was all I could do not to step on them as I crossed it. There were 2 or 3 per square metre in the areas where there is clover in the grass!

Now I am not one of those morons who thinks that an individual anecdote trumps proper science and I certainly wouldn’t want to make light of the loss of several species of bee. All I am saying that there are still bees around. All is not lost.


June 24, 2010. Media.

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