Scandal as Inflation Hits 11.1%

My favourite Sainsbury’s 9p noodles (chicken flavour) have gone up to 10p. That is a whopping 11.1%.

It is a scandal and I want an official statement from Mervyn King now!


June 11, 2010. Food, Money, Silly.


  1. danielrigal replied:

    They have now gone up to 11p. This is an outrage!

    I know I started this article as a joke but food price inflation is getting quite serious. Several of my regular items had gone up today and not by trivial amounts.

  2. danielrigal replied:

    They are now back down to 10p. Other stuff keeps on going up though.

    According to the News, commodity speculation by investment banks is causing rapid swings in the price of basic foodstuffs, more up than down. It may not matter to me whether my noodles cost 9p or 11p but fluctuations in the price of wheat and rice can have a devastating effect on people in developing countries. What started off as a silly article is now getting a bit heavy.

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