Contact Form Problems

Messages sent through the contact form on the old site seem to have been lost. If you have sent a message using the old contact forms please resend it using the new forms.

Apology and Sordid Details

Apologies to anybody who sent me a message and wondered why I didn’t reply. There isn’t anything I can do to get the lost messages back. They have not gone into any of my spam traps. I think they got filtered at an ISP level into a black hole. I suspect this is because the contact form provider failed to put a Captcha on the forms and they may have been abused by spammers. I didn’t notice the problem because not many people ever used the forms. The new forms have Captcha, which I know is a bit of a pain, but that should avoid any further problems.

April 6, 2010. Administrivia, Daniel, Sensible.

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