Election. February 14th. Right?

It has been brought to my attention that February 14th is a Thursday.

You mean that you were idly staring at a calendar like a gormless chump?

That’s what I said.

It is has also been brought to my attention that the UK Government is not going to last much longer if it keeps on punching itself in the face.

You mean that you have been watching the News?

That’s what I said. Please stop interrupting.

So, we will be needing a General Election and elections are always held on Thursdays in the UK. That’s an actual rule! Jesus told St George to tell the Archbishop of Canterbury that it had be be that way, or something. You can play fast and loose with everything else (and do they ever!) but Thursdays are sacred. Also, three weeks notice is required.




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I wrote a poem about systemd

I wrote a poem. It is about systemd. It is no longer, and certainly no better, than systemd deserves.

Smells of pee.
Please can it be,
Thrown in the sea?

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New Year, New You

You know what this place needs?



Surely, nobody wants to sponsor this crap?

Hey Kids! Its Captain Cabbages!



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What Price Science? (£0, apparently)

In my last rant I got upset about short-sighted imbeciles putting financial barriers in front of access to the institutions that are needed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Fortunately it is not all bad news and I’d like to plug some great institutions who are doing it right.


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What Price Science? (£15, apparently)

Brexit is not single anomalous monstrosity existing without context or precedent. Brexit is just the worst example of a long-standing problem with the British character. It is a perfect example of the impulse that not only says “Sod other people”, it also says “Sod my own future! Just give me what I happen to desire, right now!”

There is no greater example of this deep-running cultural flaw than the never-ending attempts to monetise education and learning: “Never mind that we need to educate the next generation if the nation is to have a future, let’s just turn it into a cash cow now and sell shares in it!”


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Presidents eh? (Or Would Abolishing The Monarchy Help?)

Yeah. Nothing controversial here…


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UKIP Doesn’t Understand UKIP

People write books about the rise of Nazism. These books are at least an 2.54cm thick and I don’t read them as there will be a TV documentary version along soon. Even so, I am aware that one point of fascination is how a monobollockular Austrian corporal came to have his lunatic fringe party subsume all the established parties of the German right. The short version is that they found him so risible that they thought they could easily subsume him. It is a bit like that horrible Epomis beetle larva that lets a frog eat it, only to poison the frog and start eating it from the inside out. Its like a Trojan horse full of Nazis, and that (in case you were wondering) is by far the worst sort.

Those might be your most subtle and tasteful mixed metaphors yet. Anyway, isn’t this meant to be about UKIP?

I was just getting to that.


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Brexit: How did we get here?

Brexit was the result of intense negotiations in which Britain used all of its diplomatic expertise to secure… um… something?

Infographic: How negotiation works

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Piercing the Veil of Obscurity

Being A Metaphysical Dialogue
Upon Divers Matters



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Forgetrance, or Why I Don’t Feel That Poppies Help Us To Remember

This might be a long and unpopular one but here goes anyway.

Actually, before I start, let me be very clear that I am not saying that there is anything wrong with wearing a poppy and this is certainly not anything against the Legion. Different people wearing poppies will have different thoughts as to what they mean and not all of them will align with what I am complaining about here. The Legion exists to look after people who need help, which is not something I would want to discourage given the way our country often fails to support people who have served it.

OK. Deep breath. Here goes.


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