Well, that escalated quickly…

Up until a few days ago the government was insisting that Brexit was going fine. Britain’s new economy was going to be based on a thriving free market where business would compete to lead the world as to who could use the word “thrive” least convincingly. Even the new Brexit secretary seemed to be actually trying to do his job, unlike his predecessor.

Now, for some reason I can’t quite work out, the cat is out of the bag and everybody is talking about stockpiling durable foods and medicines like there is a hurricane or a war coming. I even heard somebody talking about allotments and “double digging”. I really can’t work out what triggered this sudden epiphany for the government and the press. For anybody with any sense the cat was already out of the bag long before the referendum but something must have finally tipped the others off. It is almost like reality is an elastic band that just snapped back and smacked them in the face.  Meanwhile the new Brexit secretary has been sidelined as Theresa May takes direct charge. Yeah, like that will do any good.



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Recognise your own reflection?

The headline on today’s Sunday Times is as follows:

Now, I’m not giving money to Murdoch to read the whole article but there are enough details in the first three paragraphs to get an idea what it is about. It is based on a YouGov poll that shows polarisation of voters with some swinging to the far-right.


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Messy Messy Mess Mess

counterfeit cabbages

Unemployed? Crikey!

In the last post I linked an article in which Marina Hyde of The Guardian described the cabinet as “messy bitches who live for drama”. That was a few days ago and things have got substantially worse. I even hear that Spinal Tap have returned their amplifiers to Amazon and ordered new ones with knobs that go up to 13 in order to be heard above the cabinet catfight. And speaking of knobs…


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Too Hot

Ugh! It is 31°C in here and I can’t be bothered to slag off Brexit again.

People say it is like 1976 but I remember 1976; All the crayons melted into one big blob of wax¹ at my primary school. The government melted too, but the comparison does not feel right. Jim Callaghan was a decent person who did his best in an impossible situation where the rules had been rewritten so that he simply wasn’t allowed to win. Theresa May may feel that she too is “in an impossible situation where the rules have been rewritten so that she simply isn’t allowed to win” although that would suggest a greater level of self-awareness than she has shown previously. Besides, the comparison breaks down at “decent person”. It is the difference between trying to do the right thing for the country in the face of impossible odds and just trying to paper over the cracks and hang on for another few weeks in the face of impossible odds.

Anyway, I can’t be bothered to slag off Brexit today so I suggest you all go and read Marina Hyde in the Guardian instead. She always knows what is going on.

¹ – Fun fact: That blob of melted wax is now Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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Brexit Dividend?

Allegedly there will be a “Brexit dividend” and allegedly it will be even better than Coop Dividend.

Steady on now! 17p to redeem against future shopping is not to be sniffed at.

Maybe so, but any money at all will be useful going into a recession (Did I mention that we are going into recession?) so let’s decide what we should spend it on.


* – The coach will be referred to as a “bus” on the grounds that Brexiteers probably don’t use public transport and won’t know the difference. Also “Battle Bus” is a punchier, if less accurate, alliterative title than “Cockup Coach”.

** – Better brush up on your Withnail and I quotes. Make sure to have something ready for when Michel Barnier finally gets fed up with us wasting his time and tells us to “Stick it up your arse for nothing and fuck off while you’re doing it.” That’s our trade deal right there!

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Somebody call pest control. There is something vicious and disgusting infesting the White House.


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Boris Discovers Eldorado

counterfeit cabbages

“Conquistador Instant Cabbages? Sounds like a world-leading British product!”

Boris seems to be the only one who still dreams that Brexit will make the UK (or what is left of it) rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Sure, other people still trot out this nonsense but only Boris actually seems to still believe it. In fact, Boris is so convinced that we will soon be rolling in money that he seems to think that the nation has spare cash to buy him a private jet. But where is this wealth to come from?


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Recipe: Tomato Ketchup

Yes, we are doing recipes now.




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A friend writes:

Just tried to order a pizza online. Checked out and clicked the payment button only to get a “page not found” page!

Such reports are impossible to investigate unless the user supplies the official HTTP (Heating, Topping, Tracking Pizza) error code. For future reference the codes are as follows:


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Cambridge Ana… Oooh! Squirrel!

Now, I am no great fan of Facebook. I’m pretty sure that the list of things they have done wrong is only going to grow. By the end it will range from the merely dickish to the really quite serious and they do need to answer for the more serious stuff.

Nonetheless, people need to remember that it is not Facebook that is accused of undermining the integrity of elections, and democracy more generally, in multiple nations. In this context at least, Facebook are just some dingbats who were too lazy/stupid to see that they were enabling the real bad guys to do this.

We are in danger of getting distracted here!

People who have knowingly engaged in conspiracies to subvert elections or referenda, whether in their own countries or elsewhere, are among the most dangerous people in the world. We need to see them go to jail for a very long time. We cannot allow them to wriggle out of their responsibilities by diffusing the blame over the internet in general, even if some parts of the internet have been culpably incurious about what their services were actually being used for. Facebook need to sort themselves out but this is not fundamentally about Facebook.


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