The Rule of Law

Something very bad is going on in both the UK and the USA. It is something that cuts off the legitimacy of the state at the knees. It is the first step on the road to Hell and it is this:

Some people are openly agitating that certain bodies of the state should be effectively above the law and immune to prosecution. In the USA it is the police. In the UK it is the army. In other countries the police, military, royalty and even politicians and civil servants already have a substantial degree of official or unofficial immunity.

I shouldn’t have to explain why this is wrong but I will.


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Spurious new ailments for hypochondriacs

Yes. This blog is giving medical advice now*. And if you follow it you really will need to see a doctor!


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Waiting for the other boot to drop

Some people are telling me that I was wrong about Brexit. Apparently everything is fine. The stockmarket  is up (if measured in Pounds), house prices are not falling (much, if measured in pounds) and the weather is nice. Nigel Farrage has sloped off to bother the Americans for a change. All is good. Right?


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I have added a new links section for Video content on the right hand side. It basically consists of the YouTube channels I watch when there is nothing good on TV.

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Is it too late to ask?

Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is! Yes it is!

As the UK falls apart, and the best idea anybody seems to have it to ask if we can hit the reset button and try again, it seems possible that we will be needing one or more new national anthems shortly. We like nautical themes so here is a suggestion.

This is a song that I know via my bother, who is in the Brockley Ukulele Group, who perform it. I don’t have a video of that, so here is Boothby Graffoe’s original version.


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Root Vegetable Apocalypse II: The Terror Of The Turnips

This is a place-holder for an article about Boris Johnson that I am too depressed to write at the moment.

OK. I’m ready for this now. It won’t be much more than a rant but that’s all he deserves.


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I’m Coining Neologisms…

…because I don’t have any better ideas.

First up let me say that I am fully aware that you can’t copyright individual words and that you can’t register a trade mark on a name unless you use it for trade but nonetheless the following blatantly shoddy neologisms are mine and it will cost you €100 if you want to use them. Bwahahahah. (This is my grand plan to get some hard currency to replenish my pension fund after this week’s losses so pay up!)


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OK. I didn’t predict that one…

BBC is reporting:

“Sources within Morgan Stanley say it has already begun the process of moving about 2,000 of its London-based investment banking staff to Dublin or Frankfurt. And it has a taskforce in place.”

I know I predicted exodus of financial companies but not on the actual day after the referendum. I mean, I would expect at least a weekend for quiet contemplation (i.e. total panic).


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Stop Saying “Uncertainty”, You Bellends!

“Blah blah uncertainty blah. Uncertainty blah blah. Blah blah uncertainty bibble.”
– Pretty much all of the bellends, pretty much all of the time.

Just shut up all of you! Please stop saying “uncertainty” as if it explains the current UK financial and political crisis.


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An Open Letter to the People of Scotland

Note: Updated 2/7/2016. See end of article.

People of Scotland,

You need to save yourselves. The UK, in any meaningful sense, is over. It seems that you believed in it more than we did.

You voted in all our best interests and we did not vote in anybody’s. You saw through the lies and we swallowed them whole. You stood by us, even those of you who wanted independence, and we did not stand by you, or by any of our other friends for that matter. You have a right to be disgusted with us. You have an obligation to yourselves and to eachother to look to your own future now.

I am ashamed to be British, or maybe I should get used to saying English. You do not have to be ashamed to be Scottish and you do not need to take the full consequences of our mistake.

You need to save yourselves and you need to do it now!

There may come a time when we need your help, and you are able to give it to us, but, for now, please do not let us destroy you too!

All I can ask is that you save what you can of the UK’s economy and culture. Keep it safe and hold it in trust for yourselves and for a day when we might decide that we want a share in it again. Please don’t let everything we have achieved together count for nothing.

Your first objective is to try to obtain continued membership of the EU with no discontinuity. Your second objective, if that fails, it to rejoin and accept whatever diminished terms they offer you. Joining the Euro should not scare you more than the thought of remaining in the Pound. The Euro is money. The Pound, well, lets wait and see if that can remain any sort of money at all and what sort of interest rates it attracts. I’d like to think that we will be back in there with you in 10-20 years, even in some splintered and diminished form, but you don’t have to slog through this terrible purgatory with us.

None of this is your fault! Your people and politicians have behaved with a wisdom and integrity that ours cannot even conceive of. You’d be far more use to us as a beacon of sanity, showing us the way forwards, than you would be following us down into this sewer of isolation, xenophobia and financial ruin. You need to save yourselves now and, maybe, if you can, help to save us later.


A friend in England.

Update 2/7/2016:

I wrote the above when I was very depressed, so I thought I ought to reconsider it, but the only thing I feel differently now is that I am slightly encouraged by the possibility that there might be a way to reconstitute the UK so that Scotland could be in both the EU and the UK. That might even be possible for Northern Ireland and Gibraltar too. I am very uncertain whether that can or will work but I would definitely commend that option to you if it really does exist. Exercise caution though. Be ready to jump ship if it doesn’t.

As for being ashamed to be English? I stand by that 100%. If anything my contempt has only grown as our political establishment has shown itself unable to do anything useful at all and just set about settling old scores. They still think this is a game. Meanwhile there have been a few sporadic outbreaks of low level violence and intimidation of migrants and ethnic minorities. Blaming victims has always seemed like one of the most contemptible things that people are capable of.

The only thing that makes me a little proud of the English is to see the younger voters standing up against those who have flushed their futures down the pan. If they can make themselves heard then there may yet be some future for England, albeit a very tough one. Maybe, like the generation that rebuilt Germany after WWII, they can not only rebuild the economy but also make our country worthy of respect again. I’d like to think so.

As for the Pound possibly being finished? I may or may not have called that part wrong. Whoever has been stabilising its value this week has certainly done a heroic job but we don’t know how much money was spent to do it. The FT seems to think that the speculators have been holding back but may be moving in soon. Even if that does not happen then we will have to see what happens as inflation rises and employment falls. Let’s see where we are in a year’s time…

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