Groundhog Year II: The Hoggening?

I’m meant to write a New Year’s message here but, to be honest, I’ve not got much for you. It’s even less than last year. 2022 was grim, way more grim than I could possibly have predicted. It was like 2021 in many ways but also worse in new and unpredictable ways.


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In praise of fakery

One Christmas tradition I enjoy is the purchasing, making, contemplating and consuming of Bird’s Trifle. For those unfamiliar with this product, it is one of the most fake, overpriced and wonderful products produced under Capitalism. It serves as a powerful counterpoint to my complaints about fake Twitter followers. Allow me to provide an overview of the product and its many inauthentic elements.


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Fake Twitter Followers, An Odyssey Into Idiocy

(Adapted from a couple of my recent Twitter threads, for those of you who don’t use Twitter, and who can blame you.)

Scams seem to be on the rise following Enron Husk’s takeover of Twitter.

It’s alright. You don’t need to censor his name on here. His writ does not run on

Oh, yeah. It’s force of habit. I do it to avoid his rabid fanboys because they are just exhausting. Let’s start again…

Scams seem to be on the rise following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.


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The Monarchy Doesn’t Really Matter

In a hot take that is likely to upset Royalists and Republicans alike, I’m going to explain why the British monarchy doesn’t matter that much and why several other things, which matter a lot more, get lost in the pointless and impotent noise about the monarchy.


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Solid Goldberg

You may remember my previous post where I wrote about downloading free recordings of classical and early music. I’ve been listening to the Goldberg Variations and it is interesting how different various recordings can be. Here are my favourite versions available for free download. Each makes for a very different listening experience.


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Pride Flags as Cake

As June rolls around, once again we must turn our attention to the serious matter of kvetching about “Kink at Pride”. In this essay I will…

No! No! No! We are not doing that! It is divisive, unedifying and insufferably cringe!

But it’s traditional!

You’re banned!

What? You can’t ban me from my own website!

Yes I can! I can get The Captain to pelt you with stale cabbages on your way out too!

OK. OK. No cabbages! Lets do something else. Do you like cake?

Did you say cake?… You’re unbanned!

OK. Thanks. As June rolls around, once again we must turn our attention to the serious matter of indulging my mild synaesthesia by reviewing Pride flags based on what they “taste like”, and discussing their cake potential.


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Classical Music Tips

Lately I have been downloading copyright expired classical and early music to listen to while I work. My main sources are and Liber Liber. I have found it helpful to set myself some parameters on my downloads:

  • Nothing operatic or choral. I don’t like it and it wrecks my concentration.
  • No Wagner.
  • Be careful with the stuff transferred from 78rpm gramophone records on Some of it has been cleaned up OK but a lot of it is just too scratchy and a regular 78bpm noise gets distracting fast.
  • No Wagner.
  • Nothing recorded in Nazi Germany!
  • Seriously, fuck Wagner.

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Trying to be cheerful

My New Years message wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs so I’ll plug a few wholesome things that actually make me happy.


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Groundhog Year?

I was trying to think what to write in this year’s New Year’s message. In fact, I’ve been trying to think what to write more generally. My thoughts are (in)coherent enough for Twitter but not for proper articles/blogs/posts or whatever these things are called.


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A Performativity Theory of Football?

(Note: This is being written on the day of the delayed Euro 2020 final.)

Morons in the flats next door have been making a lot of noise. They appear to have speakers pointing out their windows and I can hear “singing”. This started at 9:30 AM. (A bloody M!) They are playing Three Lions, Come On Eileen and some whiny shite by Oasis. (O bloody asis!) They seem to be singing along in a rowdy drunken fashion. At first I thought they were drunk at 9:30 AM. (Nine bloody thirty, A bloody M!) My fondest hope was that they would be so “tired and emotional” by kickoff that they would miss the match entirely but…


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